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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beading Progress and Discharge Paste

Busy week just! But I have been beading at night...and on Sunday I beaded for over 6 hours while watching both football games (break for dinner) but I ended up ripping out more beads than I sewed in my piece.

Here's one of my hearts I'm beading for the BJP2010. This is one of my zentangle hearts I drew back in the fall. It's printed on fabric and my beading is trying to follow my lines. Actually, that's the easy part. The hard part is trying to decide which color bead I want to use!

This is one of the small hearts that I filled in with size 15's! I'll be outlining each heart as well.

This is my 3rd heart zentangle that I filled in with bugles, size 6's, 11's and 15's.
So on to my next project or playtime!
One of my purchases on Monday at the Fabric Art Shop was the discharge paste from Jacquard. So I decided to play on Tues. with discharging some fabric I had dyed and a piece of black that I purchased at the Fabric Art Shop.
This was a batik piece that I used Tim Holtz stencils on.
This is the same piece after the discharge paste was dried, ironed and fabric washed. You can't see the stencil patterns but I do like the way it discharged.
This is a hand dyed piece that I stamped with the discharge paste using a ginkgo stamp. It's hard to see the stamped areas but you can see the stamp I used.
And here is the piece after washing. Actually, the picture turned out better than the fabric really is! The ginkgo leaves aren't as recognizable on the fabric but look really cool in the picture. Go figure! For once, a picture I took turned out better than the real thing!
This is another hand dyed piece of shibori I did this past summer. The edges and middle were stamped with some rubber pieces I had.Here's the piece after being washed. Turned out pretty good actually. It was one of my shibori pieces that I didn't really like. The center designs were made by me hand stitching in shibori style. I think I didn't care for it because of the color of the fabric and not that much contrast with the white stitching.
I think this piece turned out pretty good and I just might use it now.

This was stamped with rubber pieces.
I have a few more pieces but blogger isn't cooperating with me right now or else I'm just not able to move the pics around. I'll post a few more pics in my next blog.
Weather has broken here in Florida and we've had some great days of warm weather! The mornings are cold..39 @ 8:30 this a.m. and colder earlier in the morning. Frost warnings were out for the past few days..but the temps warm up 30 to 40 degrees within hours which is why Florida is the sunny state for sure!


  1. It's fun stuff to play with, isn't it? I'll be posting my own results soon. It's going to take some practice for me to get the effect I'm looking for, though, so I'd better order more paste. :D

  2. I love you beading. I am terrible at this and it takes me forever to do. The discharge paste looks like fun. I'll have to give it a try.

  3. Hi, I jumped over from my blog, following your comment. I love the work you are doing. I do a fair amount of beading myself so I can appreciate all the hours you have put into your beadwork. Love those hearts. Oh, and the fir tree branch that you beaded and quilted, gorgeous! Thanks for looking at my blog.

  4. Love your textile art - it's gorgeous! Great progress on the BJP too.

  5. Okay, I guess I don't understand the Discharge Paste. What exactly does it do?? Is if for stamping or does it erode the fabric? Curious.

  6. Beautiful beading! Using the Zentangles is a cool idea.

    I've played a little with the discharge paste, and it's interesting stuff.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  7. Oh, such a rich post... full of inspiration... Your zentangle hearts, beaded, are making my heart swoon!!! And your discharge samples make me want to try that too... Yikes! I need more time! Thanks for posting!

    Robin A.

  8. Your beading of Zentangles is giving me ideas! They look good too :- )