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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bead Journal Project 2010

Back in October, I signed up for the BJP2010 (Bead Journal Project 2010). You can read more about this project and see some of the work from past years on their web site here. Basically, you create a piece of art monthly with beading on/in your work.
My theme is 'Art of Nature', 8 1/2" x 11", quilted and along with beading I hope to include some 'doodling/zentangle' work monthly. I did start on my January piece before we left and had it quilted along with some beading. I did get some beading done on New Year's Day before our party and here's my piece from that day.
Yesterday I finally got back to beading on my January piece which is a pine branch. I'm using bugle and seed beads (size 11) for the pine needles and filling in my doodling/FMQ/McTavishing with size 15 seed beads which are really tiny! No wonder I worked 2 hours in the afternoon and another 2 1/2 last night and this is all I have to show for it!

This is a closeup of the pine needles.

And here is the bottom being filled in.

I'm please with the way it's turning out and I already have my idea for February! But I do have other projects to work on in between. Once I get my piece quilted then the beading can be my hand work at night while watching TV.

This a.m. it was on 30 degrees out but sunny. Bob had golf @ 9:30 so he left around 9. I'm heading out with my friend to do some shopping and to the library to get some books on tape and another book to read. They do have a great library here and it's massive! They have a really nice collection of large prints books which I love. Makes it easy to read in bed at night!


  1. This is *beautiful*! I especially appreciate the pine needles since I live in the NJ Pinelands. :)

  2. It really is beautiful. I'm fascinated with how you're using the quilting as your beading guide along the edge.

    Where are you in Florida? I'm in Jacksonville. Are we neighbors?