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Monday, January 4, 2010


2-4-1..sounds like Margarita time doesn't it! Well, it wasn't...cold again today but sunny so Bob and I went 'tooting' around town. We just had to stop at Steak and Shake for one of our favorite meals - yep, one of the meals that's bad for us! It just so happened, it was 2 for 1 or half off all drinks including shakes!
Bob's favorite is mocha with Carmel! I had one of the new shakes, white chocolate! Yum....

And of course the 'bad' meal that was so good!!! I controlled myself a little and only had a single burger! But I did eat all the, so good!
This was Bob's and he also had a side order of baked beans, another one of his favorites.
So all in all we had a fun afternoon of running around town. When we got back home, I finished up five more Valentine's. I've made 20 so far and think this might be all I'll make. I have to finish the edges on five of them but I'll do that tomorrow afternoon.

So off to watch TV and to bead more branches on my BJP piece. I'm almost finished with the bottom but I want to leave some edges unfinished until I decide how I'm going to bind or finish the edges.
It was 28 this a.m. and only got up to 49 but very sunny. It's suppose to be cool/cold (depending on where you are from!) for another 5-6 days. Still beats the cold up north and the snow. As long as the sun keeps shining we're fine!

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