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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sneak peaks

First, I won a stamp from Ruthie Powers, Next Signal Designs! How cool is that! It's a leaf stamp, which for those who know me is right up my alley! I love flowers, leaves..anything nature. Can't wait to receive it and use it in my art work. Ruthie has some really nice contemporary stamps that would look great in some art. Might be one of my expenditures for next month's budget!

So the sneak peaks are a closeup of one of my 'lady' shrinky dink's I made. I added some beading to her for 'hair'. OK, so it might not look like hair to you but that's what it is!
And TaDa! My Frankenthaler all dyed up! The dye/print paste actually dyed the muslin quite well. This usually isn't the norm but I think it's due to the amount of dye I use in my print paste. I'm sure it's overkill to say the least! I'm not sure which way I'm going to hang the pieces..horizontal or vertical...I am going to embellish it and have some ideas but that will be in the next two weeks that I'll decide. I want to have all my projects out of the way by Nov. 1st to get ready for Christmas.
It's Nick's BD party today and a costume party...hmmmmmmm I'm just wearing a painted apron with paint on my face and going as a....PAINTER! Go Figure! Bob is going as himself...

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  1. Beautiful!

    I'm betting the quilt top you free-motioned doesn't show much now, though, does it?