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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Pics!

Saturday was Birthday party time for Nick's 6th BD. He wanted a costume party and that's what he got for sure. What a great time with family, food and friends! Kris again out did herself with ALL the wonderful food she prepared. The decorations for kids and adults was great!!! The entire garage was decorated with webs and a Halloween theme. The kids loved it!! So here's the pics from the party!

This is Katie and Ginny on both ends (Kris' nieces) and Kris' mom is in the middle. Her costume was GREAT!!! She looked so cute...Bob said it was the best costume and it was!
This was the cake Nancy (Kris' mom) made along with cookies and cupcakes! Now you know where Kris gets all her entertainment creativity from!
One of the decorations around the food table

Grandma Robbie and the birthday boy (I just went as a artist/painter..duh!)
And my other baby! I didn't even know this was Darrin! I had to ask who it was! Bob said "he's the tallest one and you didn't recognize him?" Nope..I didn't!

Katie with her 'grandma' Robbie. Katie babysat two summers ago for the kids. She's a senior this year!
Some of the kids! Amber was all dressed up like a beauty queen but it was getting chilly so she put on her sweatshirt.
Bobbing for doughnuts! Kids loved this. I didn't get any pics when they bobbed for apples. We just had to get out lots of towels and the kids got soaked on that one! Nick was really into this!

Nick was doing a good job!
And here is our hostess! Kris did such a great job! I didn't get any better shots of her!!
Thanks, kids for the memory!!! It was such a fun party!!

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