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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Knitting & Stitching!

 Well, I finished the lace poncho I've been working on and it's not even fall yet!  WooHoo!  I believe I started this in March!  And with all the other projects I work on at the same time, I'm happy I finished before the snow falls!  HA

I have this same yarn in a beige color but thought the peach would be something different.  It's really a nice color in person.

Lace pattern is very easy to do.  You can purchase the Lattice Lace Poncho on Ravelry here.  

It folds up nicely for putting on the shelf with my other shawls.  Yes, I love shawls and poncho's!

No, this isn't a great picture of either myself or the poncho, but you get the idea on what the poncho looks like on my body.  I think it will go well with black pants and a black turtle neck.  Bob said "I always see you in black and white".  I said I was "living on the edge" by wearing something peach with black!  HA  I do wear more spring colors in addition to black!  HA  Could wear a turtle neck with it or not.  

Now to get back to stitching on my 'string art' piece!  Lots of stitching!!  Whew

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