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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Paper String Art Progress

 I was suppose to go watch our grandson play Lacrosse in a town about 10 miles from us BUT my back is so bad today!!!  I can hardly stand up or walk today! I AM so disappointed  because the games are so close!!!!  Darrin just sent a text that Nick got 2 goals and another text that their team did win.  They have two more games, one at 3 and one at 5 today and may play tomorrow if they keep winning!!  Hope I can make that game!!!

 My back has 'issues' (2 LS surgeries) but as long as I keep walking and exercise I can usually keep the pain at bay.  But wouldn't you know today it would act up!!!  It hurt when I went to bed last night but was REALLY bad this a.m.  I could hardly get out of bed and when I did it just kept getting worse! and heat and Advil!  So, off to my sewing room to sit in my lumbar chair and sew! Or I should say off to the sewing room the girls and I went!  This was Kalee and I had to keep moving her tail so I could sew!  They have a large dog bed next to my machine but she loves laying behind my machine!  Go figure!

I had ordered more Madeira Lana threads for the string art piece and they arrived yesterday!  Good timing!  

I ordered a Hyacinth color which is perfect for the background.  So that's what I focused on today. 

 I'm about 50% finished with the background and I'm anxious to do some additional stitching on the flowers with a Sky Blue Lana thread.  I originally used Sulky 12wt for the inside of the flowers but I like the texture of the Lana thread so much better.  You can definitely see the difference in the texture.  The dark color is the Hyacinth and the sulky blue thread on the flower areas.

You can see how much of the background I have stitched today.  A ways to go but that's ok...I have this project as well as I've been working on the hand stitching rail fence quilt top...and knitting!  Nice I can pick and choose!  HA

Here's what the front looks like so far....  

Now I have to figure out where I am going to put all these paper stitched pieces or collages I've made.  I'm thinking of getting a large, large journal or else put them together in their own, so called paper book.  Similar to what I did years ago for my Art can see a few of the pages on this post here.  Not sure I have any wall space left in our house or my sewing room!  HA


  1. So sorry about your back, such a nuisance. I love your stitching though. I must try those Lana threads that I have had for years!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain. I hope you can get it under control soon. Your stitching is beautiful!

  3. Catching up on my emails…..hope by now your back is better……I feel your pain….

  4. Back pain is the worst...hope you feel better soon and can get to your grandson's game.
    The stitching on your paper pieces is beautiful...amazing how much life thread can bring to a piece.

  5. Oh gosh, I do hope you feel better. I'm glad you could sew- it's a helpful distraction. But still... that kind of pain is its own distraction. The stitching is looking very nice.

  6. I hope your back feels better soon! I had to laugh because your piece actually looks like that could be a white swishy dog tail in the middle!


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