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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

No Excuses....

UPDATE 7/15/2021!  A special thanks to Judy, from Windy Hill Happenings, for correcting the needle size to use when stitching with Madeira Lana should be #16 Embroidery Topstitch machine needles not #19!   Judy sent me an email letting me know of my error!  Thanks, Judy!  I do have 100/#16 needle but I sure would have had a heck of a time trying to find a #19!!!  

Nope, I have no excuse for not blogging except for the fact I had no pictures or stories to post!  And we all like to see pictures on blogs, right!  So now I have pictures!  Nothing earth shattering but I just wanted to do some artwork.  After I finished laundry, hosed/scrubbed off the deck (birds are messy so this is a weekly effort!), took both girls for early walk, prepped dinner then off  downstairs with both girls to do paper collage work!   This is where they lay while mom does her thing!

And this was my end result...13" x 11" paper collage.

This was a piece I collaged a few months ago.  But take note of the edge or borders.  I didn't put borders on this piece, it was just laying on my drop cloth.paper when I took the before picture!!  I may just attach this piece to it!  Who knows!  I'll have to play with it some more!

 I cut out some leaf mono prints I did over a year ago to add to the piece....

Then I added some stamped/painted tissue paper, other painted papers, etc. to the tops, sides and bottom.

For a quick, and I mean quick, project, it's not all that bad!  Fun to to figure out if I want to attach to that drop cloth/paper piece and to quilt it.

Next project..............This is a string art paper piece on paper I did, which I found while picking out papers for the collage above.  You can see some of the string art pieces I did on paper here.  I'm thinking of stitching this fascinates me and using some thicker yarns might really show up all that orange.  Especially after having some emails from Judy, @ Windy Hill Happenings, I may try my Maderia Lana threads!  Thanks for your suggestions on needle size, Judy!  Judy suggested using # 19 machine embroidery needles for the Lana thicker threads.  I've used #12 Sulky before with good results but never success with the Maderia Lana, which I use for hand embroidery often.

This was one of my finished string art pieces on fabric I finished awhile back (2018), called 'Nemo is gone Fishing'.    

Maybe I will play with that technique again on paper..although, I think I have a few of these already on paper! As well as on fabric!   Hoarding paper is  as bad as hoarding fabric!


  1. The blue and green leaves look so pretty against the warm background. Love your Nemo piece. Yes I am making another t-shirt quilt. This will be number 36.

  2. Your pictures were worth the wait! I do love your string art….our Fiber Junkies group tried it without much success…….your pieces are stunning!

  3. Ha! I couldn't figure out what I was looking at in your first photo at first quick look. I thought it was batting... but no, it's the girls!! Your collages are lovely. And the string art should be a pretty piece, too.

  4. Your collages are gorgeous -- such luscious colors! And the girls look quite comfortable!!!


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