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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I don't need another class but.....

 This post is more for dog owners so if you're not into dogs, see ya on my next post, which I hope will be some textile work!

Girls in their HZ (hot zone)

Back in 2015 I signed up for Susan Garrett's online dog training class, which I loved but, to be honest, I let life get in the way and didn't finish all the course.  I kept all my notes, DVD, etc. and from time to time would 'give a lesson'.  Our two dogs are pretty good girls...of course, Gigi has some aggression issues and Kalee's LOVES people.  Kalee's love of people means she'll jump on people like crazy when they come to the house.  I feel bad when she does this (not everyone loves my dogs...I don't know why! ha) so I thought I need to get back to training lessons for her.  

And our Gigi isn't the best behaved when folks come to the house.  Because Kalee is so excited, Gigi doesn't know if she's suppose to kill or kiss them!   Because of her fears, she needs to think 'kill' to protect herself.  Also, our dogs bark so badly when delivery trucks, dogs or people walk by the house.  And they won't stop.  So, I just happen to notice Susan was having a sign up for her Recaller's classes and I signed up (again)!!!  I know these are issues Susan can help with in her class.  

No, the bad habits we've instilled in our dogs will not be gone the first month.  But I do know some of the training from the original class both the girls know and behave so well.  If I can continue for a year, I know we'll have success.  Already, they are responding SO well with the barking!  It's kinda funny because Kalee will lie down (after one or two quick barks!) and look at me!  Gigi may need a little more reinforcement but they will both go lie in their beds until I release them. 

The course is run with Game Days, which you can do one a day or stay on a 'game' until you and your dog are comfortable with the lesson (they are called game days and not lessons).  There are 40 games but you get so much support for the year from the trainers.  It's a fantastic program and I know the results will come if I continue to learn and be consistent with my dogs.  It's usually the issue...we give our dogs reinforcement for bad behavior and wonder why our dogs do what they do.  It's a matter of I know what I should do but it's 'what I do' that will give me the dogs I want.  

So I've committed on my blog and I will finish this program!  And for those wondering, Hilary's class is finishing up after two years.  I have loved that time with her and I will refer back to our 'lessons' for when I get back to some printing fabric and papers!  Until then, I have knitting to finish, a hand embroidery rail top and a beaded bird to finish - oh, got a Rx for readers from my eye exam that I am going to order online to help with those tiny beads and hand sewing!  Stay tuned!


  1. Never a dull moment! But your girls will get with the program quickly I'm sure- they are pretty responsive and want to please. We escaped pretty much unscathed from Elsa- the electricity stayed on which is always a concern.

  2. Good read……anxious to hear more about your progress!


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