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Sunday, December 9, 2018

A little bragging....

OK, I'm not bragging but maybe I am!  This is a picture of me before I walked the girls today.  It's only 30 degrees out, so I put on my ski pants!
Now here comes the bragging part.....these ski pants are from a hundred years ago!!!  OK, maybe not one hundred years ago but close.

BB (before Bob) I had a farm and I wore these to feed and clean stalls (during that time, I was raising and showing horses).  Now we're talking back in the mid 70's until the mid 90's.  Before that I wore them to ski in!!!  Now, to be honest, I didn't ski that much so they didn't get a lot of wear that's for sure.  But they still fit today!!! you notice how much I've shrunk!  Looks like I used to be a tad taller!  HA

Yes, Gigi is looking at me wondering what the heck I'm doing!  I'm just happy I still fit in the buggers and have something to wear dog walking...I may look a little strange to the neighbors. 

I don't think they make them like this anymore.  Most are more slim fitting but I don't care...they still fit!  HA



  1. What a cute story….and I didn’t know that about your past with show horses….you are a marvel my friend!!

  2. You look great!! Not to say you are going through your second childhood, but Nic wears his ski pants any chance he gets.
    xx, Carol

  3. You look marvelous!!! Love the story.

  4. You're so stinkin' cute it's ridiculous!

  5. Ha- they still fit- good news! Gigi is puzzled by you. Stay warm and enjoy the whoosh, whoosh sound as you walk through the snow. If you were wearing those pants to take care of the horses, I bet you were knocking ice off the water buckets, too.

  6. LOL! Just the opposite happened to me! I found an old pair of waders and could barely squeeze into them!!! Don't think I would be comfortable wearing them for very long.


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