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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still cooking!

Literally!  I'm still cooking!  I'm just crazy about this instant pot!  Just made us individual key lime cheesecakes!  

IIt looks really yellow but it's not in person.  I only had the little ramekins to use but it worked! Neither of us can wait for dessert!  Tomorrow is BBQ chicken and mac and cheese made in the IP!

I am also working on the T shirt quilt.  Fused some interfacing to a few shirts yesterday.  Hope to finish that up on Sunday or Monday then I can lay them out to see what shirt works where!  Always the hard part.  Then I need to buy some fabric for the sashing as well as the backing!  Guess that means my bud, Susan, and I will need another trip to the quilt shop.  This time we'll head to Trenton to the Suwannee Valley Quilt shop.  They have over 7000 bolts of fabric!!!  That's a lot of fabric so for sure so I'll find something.  Plus, we always have a nice lunch.  There is a cute little dining area in front of the quilt shop.  Yum!

We've only eaten out 4 times since our arrival!  Twice with the 'gang', once with our friend, Dan and Winnie and once this week Bob and I went to Cody's for early dinner. 

How's that for a change!  My instant pot is saving $$'s eating out but my grocery bill has increased big time because I'm always going to buy something new to cook for dinner.  Guess I can't win!  But the food is good!


  1. Though we are huge Sous Vide fans…..your enthusiasm for the Instapot is making me take a look at that piece of equipment! However, I do not need any encouragment for making quick and delicious desserts. I’m trying to substitue the nightly habit I somehow succumbed to with non-fat yogurt instead (which probably won’t last long!)

  2. Publix could not be handier for you and your new fascination! Desserts in the Instant Pot- that is interesting. I've pinned a bunch of recipes to try, and am especially impressed with the time to finish soups with beans or lentils. Enjoy your trip to Trenton- always a fun day.

  3. Enjoy your trip! I bought an IP right after Christmas and can't get over how great it is. I have used a pressure cooker all of my life and was going to invest in an electric one when I read about the IP. I am loving it. There is a meat sale going on at a local market so I'll be checking my recipe books before I make the trip...AND I'll never buy Minute Rice again!!
    xx, Carol

  4. IP joy for home cooked meals wiith IP desserts. The savings from eating out are taken up by buying more groceries and...the time with friends is less...unless you are throwing lots of dinner parties. I am not letting myself get caught up in the IP excitement. My love of cooking is not the best! Retail therapy at a quilt shop is super fun!!! Happy Fabric Finding...<3


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