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Thursday, January 25, 2018


This week should be quiet enough for me to finish the scarf I'm knitting...ugh...fingering yarn is not my favorite.   I get my finger nails or just my rough skin caught...end up dropping or adding stitches....I only seem to do this with that weight of yarn.  Hence, I don't knit with it!  But my BFF, Carol T., suggested I get the pattern and she helped me pick out the yarn... This is what it should look  like...mine is green and pale brown.  

So what did I do tonight!  I ripped out the entire piece I had knitted!  

I was in the process of binding off and kept losing stitches!  How the heck do you lose stitches binding off!  But I this is what the above knitting looks like now! 
I will start all over again and I'll finish this bugger yet!

 I also ordered more of the Indigo yarn to make another shrug, which I have worn so much!  It's perfect for fall or those evenings eating out when a restaurant is cool!  Actually I ordered a dark Berroco indigo blue and a pale white/beige.  

This color is good with a black turtle neck but I think the other shades will get a lot of use as well.  Plus, I couldn't pass up the price!   

And it will be so much more pleasant to knit with real yarn rather than 'hair'!  HA

UPDATE:  I received my yarn...yea!!! The tiny small ball is what the yarn looks like before it was knitted in the shrug above.

 But I have to finish the project from HE_L first!  UGH!


  1. You are quite the perfectionist by ripping out your knitting and beginning over. I love the gray shrug! Happy Knitting Dear...<3

  2. So this is called a shrug? A friend made one for me and I love it! Yours is lovely. It looks like something I could make, although I'm not much of a knitter.

  3. Well, your scarf will be lovely when you make it again. That green is one of my favorite shades.


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