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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tuesday was my birthday and I had such a pleasant day.   And look at all the presents my special friends and family gave me!!!  I really wish they wouldn't do that but since they did, I will accept them graciously!!  And I love all my cards I've received as well as good wishes on FB!

My DIL sent my first gift(s)!  A bangle bracelet that you add essential oils in a small pad inside the locket.  How cool is that!  And you smell good too!  Very sweet of her!  I love my bangle bracelets!!

And my wonderful daughter sent me a text last week (she's in N.Y.) saying she was getting me something to make me feel better (she knows the discomfort I have with my bones).  Bob wanted to know if it was a case of wine!  No, something better! 

So I have started taking these supplements!  My daughter said a co-worker and his mother take them and it's helping with their aches and my daughter has also started on them.  Keeping our fingers crossed!  Dawn is so thoughtful and I'm really hoping it will work for all of us!!!

My BFF back home, Carol T., sent me this really cool ruler!  At first, I was wondering why a ruler...I have so many but this is a great ruler.  It really sticks to the fabric so it doesn't slip!  It's made by QuiltersSelect.  
Jan came over with Larry on Tuesday and we worked on an exploding box she was making for her daughter!  But that's for another post!  What fun that was!  I'm going to get one for my grand daughter for her birthday in August!  Anyway, Jan brought me a delicious looking cup cake!  I had to send a pic to my grandson, Nick!  He loves Oreo cookies!  Doesn't it look wonderful!

Jan also gave me this lovely bangle bracelet  (check out what the charm says!)

And she gave me this makeup remover pad.  I actually used it Tuesday night!  Feels so good on your face!  Now if it only would take away the wrinkles!  HA

John and Marilyn also stopped by and gave me a gift card to this very unique restaurant called Craft Cusine.  I've heard such good things and hope the four of us will  have a dinner at Craft together very soon.

Verna, the OP resident baker and friend!, made a delicious carrot cake for me.  Verna is the best and her cakes are wonderful!!  Look at all the work she puts into her cakes!  Just beautiful!  She also brought over a box of cookies, candy and nuts!  What a sweetheart!!!  She has made a cake for the group of 12 here in Florida  for each of their special days for  years!  And she always remembers my BD as well!

My 'Q' bud Susan brought me this special cup for my birthday!  I love it!  I normally bring my own mug from home to Florida (I know sounds strange but I am fussy about my mugs!) but this year I didn't!  I just reached a point of getting tired of stashing another item somewhere in our car!  So now I have this to drink my morning coffee from! 

Today, we'll be celebrating a birthday for my bud Susan's husband, Harvey.  Off to dinner at BoneFish then back to their house for another slice of wonderful cake by Verna!   I would say I'm one lucky lady!!!! 
Thanks again, one and all!!!!


  1. Great gifts! Glad you had such a great day with your friends.
    Happy Belated Birthday.
    xx, Carol

  2. Happy belated birthday...sounds like it was wonderful with some very fun gifts and things to eat...Loved everything...I use the essential oils in a diffuser but never knew you could put them in a necklace...also love the mug!!

  3. What great bounty from your friends. Enjoy

  4. Happy birthday!!!! Mine was Wednesday and I woke to snow in south Louisiana! And ice on the roads put an end to all celebrations.......but frank brought me a big bag of Cheetos!

  5. What a great day! That's a cupcake??? Wowser. And Verna's cake is wowser, too. That mug is adorable and the bangle for EOs is quite an idea. I'll look forward to your review of Craft Cuisine. Enjoy it all.

  6. Happy Birthday Dear. Lovely and very thoughful gifts you have received. Keep on celebrating every day...xo


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