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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Keeping Busy!

Our weather has made a nice turn...from the 20's to 65 today! Although, it was still overcast and not the normal hot sun like past years.  BUT..we aren't complaining. I talked with two friends back home and they said it was warm...35!  They had snow this morning and more snow on its way this weekend!

Bob is back golfing and I've been off with my buds two days, so far!  Marcia and I headed off last Friday and Susan and I headed to the quilt shop on Saturday!   I needed some fabric for this project.    I can't post what I'm working on but I will show a sneak peek!  
The theme is Medieval..I haven't been doing any free motion quilting so this was a real challenge using my 440 which I don't like to use for free motion...left my good old trusty 1090 back home...but guess by the end of the four months, I'll be use to this machine again!  

And I'm still cooking with my Instant Pot!  Made Instant Pot Crispy Carnita's which were delicious!  The pork was so tender and the pineapple salsa was yum, yum!  Took under an hour to cook and only one pot to clean!  And an easy clean as well!

And the night before even Bob got in the act!  We (yes, together!  Scary isn't it!) made Chocolate Lava cake....oh my gosh!
  Really good and topped with ice cream just the best dessert!  And so quick in the Instant Pot.  I think it was a total of 9 min. to cook! and then we ate!  

I also found an app called COPY ME THAT for my phone.  I can look up a recipe and if I like it, copy to a recipe box direct from the search!  So cool.  It will then display the ingredient list, instruction list, etc. each separate if you want!  How cool is that!    Gotta love technology!  


  1. Medieval??? Oooooo...I can't wait to see!!

  2. The thread color alone is very appealing, and then all that curvy quilting. Nice! Based on your comments, I did get an Instant Pot after breaking my long-lived Crock Pot. So far, I've run the test and made hard-cooked eggs! But I just got it a day ago. The eggs came out perfectly and it was a good way to test run. Will be hunting for recipes. Lava cake??? Oh my. Warm up is so welcome.

  3. Love the colors.
    Is the Instant Pot everything it is cracked up to be?

  4. Beautiful free-motion stitching! Oh my, chocolate lava cakes in 9 minutes -- must try that one.

  5. Your stitching is fantastic and I love it. I shalll be looking forward to the reveal. Yummy dishes you are Instapotting. Enjoy your forays...<3

  6. ohhhhhh…..your FMQ is simply awesome…..and the food looks darn good too!


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