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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yes, I am alive!

Yep, alive and kinda well!  HA  Wrists are bugging me again. (I'm waiting to hear when/if I can get in for injections in my wrists before we head south!) I've not been doing much hand sewing....ugh....therefore, I did not make the November 30th challenge date for the online Art Quilts Around the World.  Do check out their blog as some folks did meet the date!  The challenge theme was 'science' and some creative work is on the blog for you to enjoy.

I've have a few rows sewn together but still have a few to go!  I'll get it done eventually!
But I did finish 42!!!  Valentine fiber cards (my goal was 40 but I had to add 2 more!)!  That was all machine work so pretty easy to accomplish!  Boring work sewing the edging but I did catch up on some of the shows I had Tivo'd!

And look what my BFF, Carol T., gave me Saturday (we met for a lunch and to spend some $$ at a local craft show - which was really good and not as crafty as really cool gifts!).  Isn't it beautiful!  How sweet of her to think of me!  She was shopping for Christmas gifts for her sisters and said she thought of me when she saw this!  It was made by LollyElla a shop in Bloomfield Hills.  You can head to their website here!  Might be worth a field trip next spring!

I love my is so me!  But that's what is special about your BFFs!  They know you better than anyone!  I met Carol back in 2000 when we both took a hand quilting class from another friend of ours!  Carol and I sat at lunch that day and we've been friends ever since.

I've shown Carol's artwork before...she's quite a talented quilter but she excels at watercolor/drawing!  Here are just two of her pieces she did years ago that I love (I've posted these on my blog before with her permission).   Aren't these great!!!  Carol doesn't have a web site/blog so you'll have to enjoy these two pieces of artwork!  I do post her work from time to time.

So that's all I've been up to of late!  Boring I do you think I feel!  HA  I will be posting some of our Thanksgiving family time later this week!  Guess I did do something!


  1. Robbie I am so sorry your hands are giving you troubles once again. Your BFF is quite an amazing artist. Feel better soon dear.

  2. Sorry about your wrist. Terry used to live from shot to shot too with his elbow. You have some really great friends. Your necklace is lovely.
    xx, Carol

  3. Ouch….I didn’t realize you were still experiencing wrist pain…….hope an injection will be happening soon. Carol’s work and her gift selection are amazing!!

  4. Sorry your wrists are still uncooperative. I'm sure you're disappointed to miss the deadline. You do manage to keep busy though! Enjoyed seeing Carol's work.

  5. I hope you get the wrist pain under control soon. The necklace is beautiful, and so is your friend's art.


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