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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Better Late Than Never!

Thanksgiving 2016!

Yes, I'm behind, but now I'll try to catch up!  This year we went to my son's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  The other picture I had of the food was me...there were tons of dishes and they were all wonderful!

I made two lemon pies which were pretty good if I say so myself!  

And as usual, Kris (DIL) outdid herself!  It was nice to spend time with the grand kids, Kris and Darrin, as well as Kris' mom, dad, brother and his wife and son.  All around a wonderful day!  Kris decorates their home so nice too!  Check out some of her decorations!!

This is on a table in the entrance way.

And of course, her table is always set so beautifully!!

Kris took burlap and wrapped her chairs with it then tied part of some old curtains around each chair!  How clever!  

Friday after Thanksgiving I cooked to prepare for Bob's son and family for our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday!  I do love to entertain and cook for folks but it is exhausting isn't it!  Guess the old age is catching up with me.  Kids arrived Saturday around 10:30 so they could get settled in before Michigan played football at noon!  Priorities you know!!

We did enjoy the time with all the kids and Bosco, Kayla and Nate' dog, was a doll....Gigi, not so much!  But that's another story!!  
It seems like yesterday that all the kids were in diapers and not even walking yet!   Ian is so tall now and a junior at Purdue U!   
Ian, Nate, Kayla, MaryJo and Ron (Bob's son)

And now they are all grown up!!!  Geezzzz  Wish they would stop aging!!!  I can feel old on my own!


  1. Lovely family, and lovely holiday! Oh my, all that delicious food.

  2. Family getting together and enjoying food and football and conversation is Priceless. Hard to realize how fast the kids grow.


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