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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another Christmas Gone!

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  It started off on Christmas Eve with our traditional family time with my kids and their families!  
Here's our family picture! 

Bob, me (& Gigi) Nick, Darrin, Amber, Kris, Dawn and Jeff!

My babies!!!  Love Darrin and Dawn so much!

All my kids!!! Darrin, me, Amber holding Gigi and Grandpa and Kalee!

Dawn and Jeff!

Nick, Darrin, Amber and Kris...what a great family!
So much fun opening presents and seeing everyone happy or surprised with their gifts!  The kids are so, so generous....and 'grandma' got some really nice gifts!!!

And a special gift for my SIL, Jeff!   When I saw this T-shirt I had to get it for Jeff.  He's always such a joker and makes us all laugh a lot!

Christmas Day we had a nice dinner and visit having Bob's daughter, Diane and her hubby, Donald over to the house.  Nice to visit with them but bad me!  No pics!  I'll have to make a point next year to get pictures.  After the kids left, I started taking down the Christmas decorations
and I had everything put away and vacuum run by 8:30 p.m.!

Yesterday was spent packing our clothes for Florida!  After 11+ years  heading south each winter, we have this packing down pat!  Car was all loaded very early this afternoon so we're all ready to take off  today around 9ish.  House sitters have the keys so our home is safe and sound!
Dogs aren't sure what's going on...well, Gigi isn't sure...Kalee is familiar with the Florida routine!  Last time we had suitcases out we dropped the dogs off for boarding...wonder if that's what Gigi is thinking!  HA
My next post will be from Florida!  So until then, enjoy the remainder of 2016!  I will be resting as a passenger for 2 1/2 days!  Woohoo!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your handsome family… travels.

  2. Looking forward to posts from the sunshine!

  3. Love the family. I didn't do much of anything because it just didn't feel like Christmas here. You know.. I hope you enjoy Florida!,

  4. I am so ready to take down decorations...ours stay up until after New years...Safe travels


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