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Friday, December 16, 2016

And the countdown begins....'s countdown time for Christmas and for heading south! Christmas is looking far as gifts are all wrapped and under the tree!!  Other gifts have been mailed and received so looks like that part of Christmas is all take care of!

I did get my art supplies packed up and I'm not taking near as much as usual! Honest!   This was my table in my dye room as I was separating supplies to pack up!

The small art group in Florida have decided to work with: deconstructed screen printing; disperse dyes and making our own stamps for printing on fabric (just to name a few techniques!).

With those techniques in mind, I decided not take take my bead containers (yes, I have more than one!) embroidery thread container, fabric and watercolor paints, Solar Fast etc.

I'm quite confident that I won't have time to work on anything else this winter!  Well, maybe another project or two!!  Remember, I did finish all my Fiber Valentine cards so that project is done!

But this is all I have packed to take!  I've really cut back on my 'need' to take this year.  It is hard to know what I'll be working on but I think I have a better idea this year.  And, as in the past, if I don't have what I need, I'll just have to purchase an item.

I packed up fiber dyes and disperse dyes as well as my lino supplies and some of my larger (5"x7") stamps.  And I packed up my Blue Beaded Squirrel and beads for that project, which fit in an old cigar box!  I have another hand stitching project to work on as well.

This was a year or two can see the difference....I had LOTS of items I have taken in the past years.

Yep....this is a lot of 'stuff'!!

Now we'll have more room for Bob's 20+ pair of pants!  Our friends know about this fun fact about my husband!


  1. I marvel every year over the process required as you head south and return north in the spring. OVERWHELMING!! But perhaps the lure of sunny warm weather would gear me up too. I’m sure your fiber group will keep you inspired!!

  2. 20 pair? Wish you could take me with you but following your blog is the next best thing. Have a very Merry Christmas Robbie.

  3. Choosing what to take can be a bit of a gamble, but knowing the focus of your group projects ahead helps. That's a tidy smaller pile. Leaving beads at home must feel a little wrenching though! Good there's a bead shop close by.

  4. We've been watching you pack and unpack for a couple of years now. You have this down to a fine art for sure. I would not enjoy the packing required to be a snowbird!!
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  5. I CANNOT imagine packing art things up for more than a few days. It looks like you are really organized and have decided just what you need. I can't even take anyone else with me to 2-4 day retreats because my car is SO jam packed. I am a "what-if" packer--what if I get bored with that, what if I want to work on something else, what if I don't have just the right fabric with me, what if someone is doing something I want to do, what if...

  6. You always do such an amazing job of packing and then working your origami magic to fit everything into your vehicle. Sounds like a fabulous winter of sun and fun in Florida with lots of very creative time to explore and inspire. Bob might just be a fashionista with 20 pairs of pants. Any Shirts? LOL. Merry Christmas Dear. XO

  7. It seems like just yesterday that you were heading down to Florida -- has it really been a whole year!? I'll bet you can't wait for the sun and warmth.


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