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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter wonderland!

Well, our first snow of the winter occurred this week!  We had over 9 inches of snow...yes, it was pretty!

 The girls wanted to go outside and play!

I left the snow on top of the chest...

It's a lot of work shoveling the deck and even running the snow blower takes more energy than these 70 year old folks can do!  HA

This was the deck before I shoveled!

The dogs are loving the snow!!! 

Now we just hope this will be the last heavy snow we shovel in 2016!


  1. We got 8" and brother was it HEAVY!! That's enough for the rest of the winter for me!!

  2. We have been spared any snow for now……I did enjoy seeing your photos and was thankful the snowfall was in MI!!

  3. More snow this week end.
    Yes shoveling is hard.
    Enjoy the Holidays Robbie.
    Merry Christmas

  4. It is beautiful. We get snow in Louisiana about once every 5 years. It is about time for some of the white stuff. Of course, the whole city shuts down, interstates shut down and everyone goes home from work and schools.

  5. Snow is beautful and silently ethereal. However I am not a fan of the white stuff or the cold...let alone all the dangerous shoveling and driving and such. Stay safe and warm dear.


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