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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yep, another hand project!

I'm making good progress on the Challenge piece I need to complete this winter for a group in Florida.  Can't show the entire piece but you've seen pieces of it before...

Because I do get bored easily....and I like having different projects to work on depending how my mood and how well my hands are working...I decided another hand project was needed.  After all, I have my Valentine fiber cards which are all machine work and the Steampunk piece is requiring some fabric I need to decided to start another hex project.

Actually, this piece will be for the online challenge for Art Quilts Around the World.  Their next challenge is 'Science'.  I had been on 'sabitical' for the past few challenges because of my hands/wrists and other priorities so I'm hoping I can finish this piece for the November 30th due date!
This is the start, using hexes, of course!

Can't tell you what it's going to be just yet....and I need to make around 20 more 5/8" hexes so I can then rearrange then start piecing.  I love piecing hexes!!  Well, to be honest, I just love  hand work...but then you've heard that before haven't you!  Here are all the  hexes in a row ready to be sewn together.  It's Survivor night so I hope to start on them tonight!

Several years ago I was part of 30 folks who created works of art for a DNA exhibit in Flint.  I had to make a piece of art to represent Chromatin Fiber!  Yea, I didn't know what it as either and had to research.  Anyway, this was the piece I created.

You an read about my piece and exhibit here.  So based on the research I did then is how I came up with this project!  One of those ideas in my head...hoping to put it to fiber!

Tuesday I headed down to Nick's last football game of the season.  It was 76 degrees and beautiful out!!!  Hard to believe.....especially when you live in Michigan.  Today it was rain and in the 50's...go figure!

 The game ended in a tie, which was good because the 8th graders had to be back at the school by 6:30 for their field trip to D.C.!  The game ended at 5:35 p.m.  All the parents were rushing to get their kids home for a shower and food so they could get back to the school.  Nick was quite excited to get on the road....sure brings back memories of the good old days!!!


  1. More fun projects from you! I especially like the circles you have stitched on that beautiful fabric and noticed how you changed thread colors when appropriate. Science and hexies..wonder what THAT will be. I'll stay tuned.
    Happy Weekend!
    xx, Carol

  2. Such fun seeing tidbits of your handwork projects……and I couldn’t agree more… handwork!!

  3. I can see why you love hand sewing with each work of HeArt you create. Stunning is how your work shows. Love the thread changes of color on this fabric. 5/8" Hexies???!!! Wow! I wouldn't even be able to hold them let alone sew them. Safe travels to Nick and his schoolmates in DC.


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