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Monday, November 7, 2016


Well, my dyeing results aren't the greatest by any means...but they'll make good backing!

these pieces are Kofman's Radiance fabric, which I purchased several years ago while at a quilt show in Florida.  I just had about 3/4 of a yard left.  Its quite soft and really dyes quite nicely.

The piece on the left is a tone on tone commercial fabric.  On the right is cotton sateen.

Top left is that same tone on tone commercial fabric...I was trying to match the brown in my Steampunk piece, which is on the right.  The piece in the middle actually looks pretty good with the fuchsia stamped piece.

And this was another fuchsia piece that looks brighter here than it actually is.  Hoping I can use it with my stamped Steampunk pieces.

This is the reason I ran out of the pink/brown fabrics.  White my stamped pieces were drying, I decided to weave some strips!  At the time I was thinking "waste not, want not"!  Hmmmmm  The weaving is already fused down on a stabilizer so I can't use the strips...but who knows...maybe I can use somewhere!



  1. Love the weaving...anxious to see how you use it.

  2. The weather is starting to warm up down here in Australia and I am going to do some dyeing this summer. I love the mix of the pink and brown with the weaving.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how challenging it is to dye fabric to match a previous batch. I know you’ll figure this out….and the piece will be better for your efforts. The weaving is neat….can’t wait to see how you used it.


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