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Monday, November 14, 2016

Cathedral Window pattern

I've shown some projects I made from the Shabby Fabrics YouTube (3D star and a zippered pouch).  Her projects are so quick and being on a video you can stop and start as much as you want to!  Works for me!

The other day I happened upon another video from Jennifer B. (Shabby Fabrics) on how to make a Cathedral Window pillow.  Well, heck, I'm not doing much!  HA  So I grabbed some muslin for my background and some green hand dyed scraps I had and this is what I made!

It's easy to make...starting off with 10" squares of fabric which you fold edges on all four sides by 1/2"; press, then start folding like in origami!  This is different from how we made cathedral window patterns years ago, isn't it?   Next up was stitching the 3 rows of 3 folded background(s).   Stitch the points of four corners down.

Then you place your 2 1/" squares in each of the background squares and cut in half some squares for each of the half squares.  Fold and stitch each side just like the old Cathedral window technique.

This is the finished square which was 13 1/2" inches.   When all the sides are stitched down I added some old buttons.  You could put anything in the centers, buttons, threads even an applique or two or 13!!

I used a batik fabric for the back cover.  I didn't put in a zipper and elected to make an envelope pillow.  No picture s of the back of it but it looks quite nice and easy to remove the form if I need to wash it.

Looks nice in the living room.  I will make another one at some point in time but I do need to finish the hexes for my Science challenge!


  1. Wow….this is so clever….tx’s for sharing!!

  2. Love this pillow. I wonder if Carrie would like it I think it can be modern if I don't tell her the history of the block! LOL

  3. Since you introduced me to Jennifer of Shabby Fabrics videos (last year's Christmas Snowflake) I have enjoyed several of her tutorials. I did make a Cathedral Pillow back in the old days and it was very laborious! Love this new short cut method. Your pillow looks beautiful. P.S. I am making another dozen Christmas Snowflakes (I am calling them Magic Stars) for gifts to give family we will be seeing this year.

  4. This turned out really pretty. My grandmother made a cathedral window quilt--they are SO heavy. It is very beautiful, though.


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