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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some dyeing needed

Wednesday I  decided to go to the dye room and get busy.  I posted  a week or so ago on the Steampunk pieces that I stamped.

To put together a quilt , I needed more fabric to match what I had stamped.   So off I went to play chemist!  OK, so it's not that tough...but it was difficult to try and get dye to match the fuchsia color on the  left and even the brown.  The pieces are batching right now but you can see some of what I did below.

Just trying to mix up brown dye was a problem.  Heck, I get brown a lot of the time just mixing my colors and not thinking.  Maybe that's how/why I couldn't get the brown I wanted...trying to put too much thought into it!  HA

I had some fuchsia red dye but I'm not sure that it was the right shade either...I just might end up heading off to the local quilt shop, but I'll save this project for Florida!  My BFF, Susan, is usually up for a road trip and lunch!

This is actually some commercial fabric I dyed brown...has some nice green spots in it!  Not sure where they came from...apparently, I didn't mix my dyes well enough.

I had some dyes left over so I ran back upstairs and soaked some fat quarters in soda ash then scrunched fabric in this little container....this is the top of the fabric

And this is what it looks like on the bottom!  Or looked like when I first added the dyes!  I'll rinse out  all the fabric and show results later this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed for some nice fuchsia and brown fabrics!  Or at least fabric I can use!


  1. Ah….the challenges of dyeing fabric…..but whatever the results, I know you will put them to good use!!

  2. I was just reading about black dyes on Dharma. They mentioned a couple of them that needed to be mixed abd batched in very hot water. They also mentioned one that woukd have green edges and with blue though.

  3. I really love the green dots that mysteriously showed up on the brown...a nice pop!


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