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Monday, October 24, 2016

Steampunk Time!

I happened upon a series on Netflix called Steampunk'd....and I am hooked.  This is a 'game' show where 'makers' (that's what the artists are called) work in teams designing rooms in a 'house'.  Each episode someone is eliminated based on their work.

I am hooked...if you want to watch on Netflix, do not go to the link above...or you'll see the winner of the $100,000 grand prize.  I don't think it's in reruns on the GSN channel but guess you could check that out if you don't have Netflix streaming.

Today I decided I would stencil some 'gears' just because I was so inspired by the Steampunk work in this series.  So off the 'girls' (my dogs!) and I went to my art room and played!

I've had this gear stencil for several years.  It's from Mary Shaw and has had a lot of use from me and others over the years!  First off, I mixed brown acrylic paint with a small amount of Raw Umber soft body paint I had left.  I also added Liquitex Glazing medium just because I didn't have any other medium handy!  HA

The brown fabric is a  shibori piece that you can hardly see any of the shibori pattern on.

I used the brayer to paint the stencil and decided I didn't want to waste the paint that was on top of the stencil.  So what to do?  Lay another piece of fabric on top of the painted stencil then using another brayer to make sure I picked up all the paint.

And here are the two pieces!  I can see some hand work on those gears!

I like the clarity of the brown stenciled fabric but kinda love the pink!!

I  also had a piece of watercolor paper that I used to pick up the remaining paint.  This turned out really good didn't it! I'll have to use it to make a card or write a note on!  Waste not, want not!!


  1. OMGGG!!!!!! I LOVE Steampunk! Those gears are fantastical. That is the first thing that has sparked my desire to be back working on stuff. I want to do it right now........

  2. This show rings a bell- I may have seen an episode some time ago, but am remembering it was more about costuming and clothing. Anyway, your gear prints turned out wonderfully! Quite clear, even with all those edges.

  3. Robbie Dear I do not know of ths show, however, I am enchanted with Steampunk. I have a Pinterest "Steampunk" board you should look at. I haven't tried to make anything in this genre because I don't think I can do I any justice. Your gear stencil is a perfect start and I love the fabrics you have created. Creative Steampunk Bliss...


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