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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A little progress

Last week I posted on creating a piece of fabric using text and stencils (you can see that post here).   I really liked the way the fabric came out so I cut it up to make borders for my embroidery piece!  This was the piece I added organza that was printed with the flower design and added to the piece (you can see that progress here!)

I added a 1/4" insert of ultra suede then my border fabric!


Saturday I decided to start to quilt the piece..well, that was a mistake!  I really didn't have any design in mind so thought I'd just echo!  WRONG!

UGH!!!  So what did I do for over an hour!  UNSEW!   That's why you see all the threads in the two pictures above!

I knew while I was doing the free motion I didn't like it...but I kept going!  Why?  I have no idea!  Anyway, after removing all the threads I wet the sandwiched piece and it was drying in the sun on my table.  How will I quilt it...dang, if I know!  I do know it won't be echo quilting!

I did use a pen and draw some feathers...they won't be in the quilt...but I had to feel like I was doing something!
This watercolor paper was laying under my fabric when I painted it!  Makes a nice background piece of paper!  Just like training a dog!  End on a good note!

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