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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fiber Post Cards

Last Valentine's I said I was taking a year off in 2017 from making any fiber Valentine's.  Guess who decided to start working on them!!!  I's not even Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas yet but I really need to start them early...I'm up to at least 35 at last count and will most likely add more!  I can't show what I'm creating this year but this is a sneak peak! 

I also needed to prepare some Sulky Totally Stable, which I use for printing the labels onto.  I had a roll of TS which I cut into 27-28" sections.   I colored each sheet using  Derwent's Inktense blocks.  

First off, you have to remember to color the fuzzy side!    TS is an iron on stabilizer so you don't want to color the smooth/shiny side!  I've done that on more than one occasion! 

I use the side of the block and rub lengthwise on the entire sheet. 

Next, you  brush on water (I use a foam brush) to color the entire piece.  The top part in this picture is covered with the Inktense block and the bottom has water brushed on.  The blocks blend quite nice with the water.  I've also used chalk pastels in the past, which also work well.  

Here is the piece ready to dry!

After the pieces dried, I cut them into sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" for printing labels onto.  I'll need to get another roll of TS because I can only print two labels per sheet. It is cheaper to purchase a roll vs buying the 8 1/2" x 11 sheets.  

So that part is finished!  While watching football this weekend, I'll update my Word document from last year that I use to create my labels in.  I'll have to add and correct some addresses!  I have a long way to go before I need the labels but it's nice to know I'm ahead of the game.  

I also made another snap bag today...not sure what I'll use it for but it will be used! 

Still working on my hand embroidery project so I really am keeping busy.  Since our weather has turned cooler (breezy and only 50 today with no sun!) I'll be staying inside doing hand work!  Bob wants to move the patio set into the garage this hoo...guess summer is over in Michigan!  

This is what fall looks like this year!  It's not a tree in our yard (they're all still green!) but dogs and I get to look at it on our walks!  We can't complain because the summer was beautiful this year and even the fall up until this week was wonderful!


  1. Okay, are you trying to make the rest of us feel lazy/guilty? Grinning……So smart of you to get a jump start on such a big annual project.

  2. That's the second time this week that I've seen someone using the inktense blocks. Maybe I should buy some?

  3. Probably shouldn't tell you it is 73 here right now! Sitting on the lanai! Video on Facebook!

  4. Robbie you are amazing! I love that you have already begun Valentine postcards. I love mine you sent. I have not tried your label ideas but they do look like fun in the coloring phase. Autumn has been far.

  5. Well, I guess old habits die hard. You certainly have the jump on Valentine's Day. Looks like those post cards involve pooches.
    xx, Carol


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