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Thursday, October 13, 2016

More least some free motion quilting!

I couldn't decide how to quilt the embroidery piece Beth made for us...see my previous post where I pulled out all the echo quilting!

I was playing with some free motion quilting on this piece based on some work by Judi Madsen (I'll comment on her later in this post).

So off I went to start quilting on the embroidery piece!  This is the back...

And this is the front.

I still have a ways to go and to add binding.  I think it's kinda 'hokey' but that's's not for a show or for sale or anything that reflects my work!  HA  It is what it is!!  So next up is to quilt the border on the embroider piece and then bind it. Then who knows what's next!  Yes, I do!  My hand stitching for my other challenge that's due in January/February.
I do want to comment on Judi Madsen's class on Iquilt.  Judi does beautiful machine quilting and I love seeing her work.  With that said, I think  her class is good but it does consist mainly of watching her quilt on her long arm. I enjoy watching an expert at free motion quilting but I think the cost of the class is a tad high (you can get a discount if you are an AQS member).  Judi does a good job of doing demo's on the white board which I found to be beneficial and I have used them in my work.  

I would like to  see patterns included with the class as downloads of the designs she uses (she does give you a pdf which shows feathers drawn out (but not how to do them).  She also shows how to mark quilts (both traditional and modern) but again, you have to stop and start the video because she  shows this pretty quickly!  But, you do have the ability to stop and start which is a good thing.  So enough of my review of the class...again, it's a good class and I did get tips from Judi...just a little high for 2 hours of a class.

We've had so many beautiful days this summer and fall!!  The trees are just starting to turn, which is late for us.  Tuesday, Bob took us out for breakfast and then we headed to Nick's football game later in the afternoon.    Another beautiful fall day!!


  1. I admire your quilting and the pieces you show here are lovely. I don't learn as much from online videos as I do person to person in real life. EnJOY every day dear...

  2. Hokey?!? Noooooo…..beautiful?? YES…..

  3. I really admire this type of quilting. I've never done it, preferring hand quilting for my own pieces, but I really really really LOVE the way it looks. Great job, Robbie! Maybe in my next life? :-)


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