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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Flowers

Yes, my 'flower' garden is growing! I made another flower (purple one up front) from some paste papers using leftovers from our meeting last week. Joetta was kind enough to allow us to take home print paste she had made up, so I didn't want to waste it.

I painted the pieces below on scrapbook paper as I found if the paper is too heavy of a stock, it's hard to manipulate and fold the flowers (my zentangle flower in black was an example). The purple flower was much easier to fold.

These are some of the papers I painted and played with.
Still playing.....
Kathy from KB Art Designs (make sure you check out her web site!!) commented on my post on paste papers and wondered about mono printing on fabric using this technique. So I thought I'd try it. If you check out Kathy's web site, you'll see where she combines fabric and paper for her art work. I think Kathy would be able to create some great pieces using the paper and her mono print from the paste papers.
The piece of fabric on the left and the one on the bottom are mono prints from the papers I painted. The bottom piece is quite faint but the one of the left is decent enough. The problem with mono printing is jut that. It's a mono print! It will grab most of the paint or not enough. I think I was more tentative with the bottom right piece and afraid I would remove most of the paint from my paper(s). The top right piece is Sulky iron on interfacing. I use this Sulky interfacing on my fiber post cards to write the address and message on. Works great and you can feed in your printer (iron onto a piece of printer paper, lightly).
This was one of the canvas pieces I painted. It would make a good cover for a book or to use as a substrate for a collage piece.
I like the colors on these pieces better than the ones I did at our meeting and I actually used up some of my old, old acrylics I had for the grand kids.
Bob's off golfing but the clouds are rolling in..hopefully, he's finished and eating his lunch now! I did some laundry, cleaning, swept the garage (how does it get so dusty and dirty during the winter!) and moved some of our patio furniture onto the deck. I did sit out for awhile with a cup of coffee listening to the birds!
Now is playtime for me so I'm going to work some more on my birds branch! Tomorrow I'm going to do some movie reviews! How's that for a switch!

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