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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wing and a Prayer

OK, yes, the title of this post is corny but my family will understand looking at the pictures below. This is the 'wing' part of my title..working away on my warbler. I still have to finish his breast feathers, a small wing ("get it!") and the stem. Hope it's finished by this weekend. I'm working in #11's and #15's in both seed beads and delica's. Good that the Tigers are on TV again!! But bad that the Tigers are on TV again - they've lost 7 in a row!!
So big discussion on QuiltArt digest on blogs and what should or shouldn't be on them, yada, yada. I've said it one has to read my blog. I write it for myself (so I remember what I've done!), for my family and friends and to perhaps share a technique that someone may or may not have tried. Just giving my experience and maybe including some pictures along the way.
My feelings won't be hurt if you don't ready my blog, I won't know that I somehow showed you a new technique or inspired you to try something different. I won't know that you disagree with me or don't like my posts (unless you want to comment!) but it's ok!! Not sure why everything has to be an issue to be discussed in such great detail...oh wait!! Is that what I'm doing! Yikes! OK, end of discussion.

Now to the 'prayer' part in my title! Here is a picture (of a picture!) of my kids at their First Communion. AND, the last one is for Anne over at Little Miracles of Art. (I told Anne I'd show her mine if she would show me hers!) After you see the pics below, make sure you head over to Anne's blog! You will be inspired, entertained and just in awe at her work and humor!

Darrin's 1st Communion

Dawn's 1st Communion

And guess who!! Yep, this is me around 1953!! This is for you Anne!!


  1. Oh you look DARLING!!! Now the pressure is on for me to find my photo, which quite honestly, I can't even remember which room I was in when I found it! (And if it's in the studio, GOOD LUCK....)
    Now to the QA discussion on blogs---which I did not read---but I will chime in anyway.
    If you are happy with your blog, if you feel good about what you post, if it reflects you, your life, your inspirations and moments, then SO WHAT!!!
    I get so fed up with people feeling the need to tell everyone *how* their blog should be and *what* should and shouldn't be on it.....ugh. And for the most part, a lot of the blogs are all alike and boring with no reading content.
    I do mine to suit me, and I hope people enjoy it.
    That's the rules in Anne-Land. ;-D
    Probably in Robbie-Land too!


  2. I love the heavy quilting that surrounds the birds you bead. Lovely. Those communion veils... terrific! Your blog reflects you... as it should.

  3. as always i love your bird and what you've done on it this far. fun to look at the generations of pics. i'm glad to have found your blog!

  4. 11's and 15's YOU ROCK!!!

    I love the bird on the limb. Very impressive young lady.

    Can I offer a suggestion, because I really do read your blog and most of the time my eyes are tired from beading. That's a good thing, I am not complaining. Will you change the color on your blog where you click to post a comment? I have a hard time seeing the yellow.

  5. LOL.....what memories those First Communion photos bring back! Wonder if I can find a photo of mine.....


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