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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Making progress on my BJP/Cardinal but I am jumping around a tad...just because I get bored with one area and this way it gives me a better idea on what shade/color of beads to use. I hope to get his eye on this afternoon.
Because I'm using so many different shades of reds on this piece, I'm now 'stuck' to beading in my sewing room. That's not bad as I'm now hooked on watching Court TV and the trial for Casey Anthony - so sad. Anyway, check out the SUN shining in the window on my cutting/beading table!! Yes, friends, that is sun! This was taken a few days ago because all we've had is rain! And more to come.

At least I can sew 'Georgia' while watching TV and I have made some progress on this piece. I'm really liking the colors and of course, my workmanship on this piece compared to the 1st one I started.

Tonight is our CCC fiber group meeting and we're meeting friends for dinner ahead of time. Bob hasn't golfed since last Thursday, which is good. I think resting the leg will do him good. Thank goodness he has his 65" TV to watch!


  1. Oh my gosh, Robbie!! I already love this cardinal! It's going to be so amazing. I love the reds.

  2. The Georgia piece is indeed looking wonderful. And so many reds in the Cardinal... it's going to be lovely. I didn't think I'd watch much of the trial, and yet it's very compelling.

  3. Looking good Robbie. Your stitching is so perfect looking and your beading is coming along so well. You'll be finished before you know it. that is one good thing about the rain. It's raining here too.

  4. That cardinal is looking gorgeous.

  5. Goodness, you have such patience! Love the cardinal, looking forward to it's eye!


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