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Monday, May 23, 2011

A little of this..a little of that

Check out my latest Amaryllis bloom(s)! You can barely see the one in the back of the picture but it's as breathtaking as this one but not as fully bloomed out (is that a term??).

I am so happy with my bulbs I bought in Ocala the past two years. I don't see where the vendor has a web site but he does have a yahoo group on growing Amaryllis plants. I am going to send a picture of my flowers only because he was concerned they may not make it back to Michigan. I put them in a sack and kept the bulbs refrigerated until I planted them.

This is another picture I took of my 1st blooms. I love the colors...a quilt in the making???

I am going to get back to beading my Cardinal for the BJP. I've been beading and working on other projects. One is for the MQAI, Art of the Kitchen, exhibit that's due in July. The exhibit opens in Sept. and I finally have my design and started working on it. I'll show it at some point in time! But for now, hand work will be my birds! I'm now considering doing six birds and six butterfly's. You know how bored I get working on the same thing! :)

This is a peyote bracelet I finished for a gift. I'll mail it out tomorrow and hope the recipient likes it. I do have a question for my beader friends. Why or what is the difference if you bead using odd count flat peyote or even count?? I did this bracelet using even count peyote and I can't see much difference in the edges compared to the Easter bracelet I made Amber using odd count?? I am proud of myself because I made this pattern up myself!!! Ouch! That's me patting myself on the back!

It's warm again today and humid. Clouds are rolling in and severe weather is due by late this afternoon. It's so sad for all the folks who have lost their homes and possessions due to tornado's! I just can't imagine the loss this people feel. My prayers are certainly with them.


  1. We're watching the skies here too~~was out mowing and the wind is already bringing in *that feeling*.
    I cannot imagine those who lost everything yesterday.....♥
    Our balance is to continue to do the good we can, and put it forward for others to see.
    The flowers, the cardinal WIP, the bracelet....
    All talent being shared. :-)
    Take care today!


  2. that 2nd photo would make an awesome quilt. you should really think about that one!

  3. Bracelet- beautiful! Bird- looking handsome already. Blooms- yes, a quilt from that photo. It's shaded so beautifully.

  4. Hi Robbie, great to hear from you, I have been busy with my digital art and this and that. Sorry to hear about Bob's hip, we seem to be getting Henk back on track after 4 years.

    Love you flowers do you mind if I take a copy?

    The beading for me is taking a very much back seat, but I have managed to do some just haven't photographed and posted.

    Don't you love the programs on Design Matters?



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