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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wine Tasting

Wait! Where's the wine, you say? Well, there was wine at the wine tasting we ladies went to tonight at The Dish - Artisinal Dish but the food was over the top! I expected to have some wine with cheese or maybe some fancy appetizer but this place outdid itself. They had sliders (made from their own Wagyu and American-Kobe beef raised here in Ocals) w/leeks/blue cheese/horseradish sauce; risotto w/mushroom and cream sauce; stir fry vegetables (again all raised here in Ocala and fresh!); blood oranges w/goat cheese; Shrimp wellington, just to name a few of the dishes!
The picture above is one of the two chefs/owners of The Dish. The cooking area is set up for cooking classes so you can see what they are cooking while you drink your wine! Here's another view of the kitchen area. That's the Risotto in the pan on the right!!
This is the cooking area where we filled up on food after filling up on wine! It doesn't look like many people but the place was packed. At times, hard to get a taste of wine!
This was some of the fruit they had which was quite good.
They had two tables set up with wines from different countries. This vendor had information in picture frames and suggested we try the wines from left to right, which was quite nice. they provided lots of info. I did get a bottle of their Merlot.
This was the other vendor and again wines from Italy to Australia. Peggy bought two different wines from this vendor. So I'm going to take my wine to her house so we can try the different wines (again!). like we need an excuse!
These are my friends Peggy, Sharon and Carol (too bad you can't see their faces!). They were getting some information on the prepared foods the deli offers on a daily basis. I've bought their crab cakes twice for Bob and I for dinner and they were excellent!
Just a picture of some of the deli offerings. It's a very clean deli and the food is gourmet cooking! Only problem it's only 2.5 miles from the house! That's called trouble for me!
All in all we had a really nice evening. My hubby was our chauffeur and dropped us off and picked us up so we could enjoy our wine tasting! Too bad I didn't sneak some food for him! Maybe next time! And yes, I hope there's another wine tasting on my agenda before we head home!


  1. Robbie,

    Thanks for coming to the wine tasting event last night and posting such wonderful comments about Dish!

    You were an asset to the party, and we look forward to having you at one of our cooking classes (I'll be there, too!).

  2. Girl, you do the funnest things! Thanks for taking us along.

    Pass the wine please.......


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