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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid Week

Monday, Susan and I did some quilt shop hopping and had a nice lunch at Panera's. I wore Susan out by having her help pick out fabrics for my Georgia O'Keeffe piece I'm doing for the Inspired by the Masters exhibit. The finished piece is 16" X 20".
Susan has this unique way of doing reverse applique and on Tuesday I headed off to her house to have her show me some of the steps and get me started. The drawing is my pattern and the picture below shows some of my pieces cut out. I'm not going into the entire process Susan does. Let me just say, it is very labor intensive but you end up with great results. I think Susan needs to publish her method but more on that later!

I did elect to take one shortcut by fusing my muslin background. that's what you see in this picture. The muslin has my pattern traced on it (along with the red fabric). I fused Misty Fuse on the muslin and once I'm happy with all the colors/fabrics I'll fuse them down and then on to my next step. I didn't want to fuse all my fabric so I figured this would allow me to not waste the fabric. I don't fuse that much so I didn't want all my fabrics to have fusible web on them.

I'm using an actual stained glass piece by Valerie Keenen. Valerie did a beautiful stained glass piece titled 'Dreaming of Georgia O'Keeffe' which you can see here. I emailed Valerie and asked if I could use her stained glass piece and replicate it for our exhibit. Valerie graciously gave me permission and I'm really excited to recreate this piece in fabric. It's a perfect fit to work in Susan's stained glass reverse applique method.

Only problem I'm having is selecting the fabrics. I'm happy with the red and I have a great purple fabric but the background piece is causing me the most problem. I have been playing with using some pencils and oil pastels to color in and shade areas where I need to. I plan on staying home on Thursday to do just with painting some fabric.

Not sure where the past three days have gone! And we've only eaten out once since last Friday! That's ok..we're going to make it up. Last night, we ate at one of our local restaurants, Cody's. Bob and I did some shopping in the afternoon...actually, Bob did some shopping then we decided to eat out. I'm not one to argue (OK, I won't argue about eating out) so off we went. Bob had liver and onions and I had herb crusted salmon, which was delicious! For a roadhouse who knew they had great salmon. I've had this same dish several times at Cody's over the years and it's ALWAYS good.

Today while at Michael's with Carol (yep, we went tooting around town today and did some shopping!) I found two items that I haven't used before. Has anyone used either of these? I'm going to do some research on the Internet as to their usage as I have a project in mind to perhaps use one or both on. If you have played with these, plz email me your results or frustrations with them!



  1. This will be a beautiful piece! I am looking forward to see it progress.

  2. I don't think you should have any issue with the fiber paste; I have not used it but seen it used extensively. I want to get want list is long! Is the Liquitex like the Golden pumice gel? The only problem I had with it was it dried out quickly in the jar and needed more gel added as I worked it or it would crumble off the substrate.
    Sounds like you're having a GREAT TIME!


  3. Your masters piece is going to be very exciting! Tooting around town sure is fun, isn't it? Will be interested to see what you plan with your new products... they are new to me as well.

  4. Sounds like you are having fun and managing to get some work done too! Although making art is hardly work, right? I am excited to see how this piece develops. I have not used the fiber paste.

  5. wow...lovely ...i'l following you to see the progress...i'm trying to learn stained glass quilting...i can't wait to see your beautiful finish

  6. Hi Robbie,

    The O'Keefe piece is going to be a work of art.

    I have used the gel only in paper collage as a "glue".



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