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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My BD gift(s) and projects

Don't these look good!! Well, they are!! Chocolate covered oranges! My daughter sent these via Edible Arrangements on my BD! Who knew they even made deliveries on a Sunday! Dawn knows how much I love chocolate covered orange slices in the candy stores so these are the next best thing!
And just to have a few more pounds added to my body one of our friends here in the community DELIVERED a carrot cake yesterday!! What a surprise and so nice of Verna. Verna is a gourmet cook, trust me on this. We've eaten dinner and desserts she's made and they are delicious! Well, the carrot cake is outstanding!! Bob's so funny..he's like "how come this is SO good?". I told him it's because she doesn't use egg beaters, no fat cream cheese, splenda and all those other low fat/no fat/sugar free ingredients I use! What a hoot!

So what did Bob (ok, what did I!) buy me/myself for my BD?? Yep, I bought a Tsuineko workstation ( along with my 20% coupon)!! Now, I've tried these inks before and thought they were nice/ok so why did I buy them? Well, they are VERY similar to Setacolor (diluted) transparent paint but I liked the different colors and the consistency with them already diluted, so to speak. OK, so finding them on at the cheapest price along with 20% off and only $2 for shipping just added to my desire!

I really like the the bullet and pointed brush stix's that come with it. The ink glides on so easy and consistently. I did pick up some of the bullet stix's at Michael's last week to use on my fiber cards with the setacolor paint, which worked pretty good. But again, diluted setacolor can be diluted differently each time unless you measure, which I don't do. I like to use setacolor right from the bottle for darker coverage so it's nice to have different options with inks and paints.

So here's a peak at what's keeping me busy during the day and at night! I'm combining machine stitching, hand stitching and painting my Zentangle hearts I drew a few weeks ago. I scanned my drawings and then printed out on fabric. I have a long way to go since I'm making between 18-20 of these!
All the black lines are from the printer. The colored areas are hand painted either with fabric paint, Setacolor or my new inks!
This one is ready for some hand stitching.
This one is ready to be cut up and made into a fiber card.
Another beautiful day today (mid 60's and sunny), although we had rain yesterday, so no golf or bike riding for me! I did ride 1.90 miles today!! I'm trying to get up to 2 miles.

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Apollo Beach to spend the day with my sister! They just had a home built this past fall and I haven't seen her in over 5 years!!! Yes, we email and phone chat and she reads my blog but it will be SO good to see her in person!!! I'm really looking forward to the day. I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to post!


  1. I love those hand painted hearts! What a nice birthday present!

  2. Oh those hearts are gorgeous!

    Of course the chocolates look divine too. Better get back on that bike now! HA!

  3. Great gifts, and those hearts are incredible!! Enjoy your visit to your sister's.

  4. Thanks ladies..the fiber cards are the ones I'm making for my friends and for our fiber group exchange. They're fun to make but sure time consuming! And I think I need more than a bike ride to get rid of the pounds from the chocolate and the cake!! Yikes!

  5. What a great way to "Treat" yourself. Those inks will give you many hours of pleasure as you explore the creative possibilities!


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