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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Doodle Time

The above picture is a snapshot from the local paper that shows just some of the art exhibits that are close to the house here in Ocala! There's an Art Walk every Friday and these are just some of the places in the downtown area for you to pop in and see some local and national art work. There is so much to do here in Ocala. We went out to dinner with our friends on Friday but 'we' ladies are going to plan a Friday art walk before I leave.

So without my sewing machine to do some quilting for my BJP backgrounds, I've just been doing some 'doodles'. These are some of what I finished so far.

Then I decided to color in some of the designs. This is a WIP for sure..but gives me a nice break from beading.

I also started on my BJP 2011 January journal. This is the letter 'T'. I'm beading again on the Friendly Felt and then I'll attach to my quilted background.
Yesterday, Carol and I did some 'tooting' around town and ended up at The Dish which is a "European-inspired fine grocer and deli-style establishment". It's so cool!! And the food looked and tasted great. I bought some crab cakes which Bob and I will have for dinner tonight. And they had the BEST chocolate cookies ever! Not too sweet and not too much chocolate...SO good!!

Carol, Peggy and I signed up for a wine tasting and "decadent food pairing" on the 27th of this month at The Dish! It's only $15 and on 2 1/2 miles from the house, heck, we can walk home if need be! You can see why this new establishment can/will get me in trouble!

Peggy and I just got back a little while ago from our bike ride. It's only 40 degrees out but it was actually very pleasant bike riding. I'd prefer it cool over hot any day.

Monday, Susan and I are going to lunch then stopping at two quilt shops. My machine is ready from it's 'spa vacation' and at the same spa/quilt shop they are having a demo on quilting and sewing gadgets. Yes, I'm a gadget person for sure. Always fun to see what's new out there, how you can use or not use it! or how you can make up your own at home (that's what hubby's are good for!). Enjoy the day! I certainly am!


  1. I just love the events that are filling up your days!! It sounds like a fantastic time to me!

    Love your doodles, too!!!!!

  2. Your doodles are FABULOUS!!! I can already see some future beaded pieces here.....can hardly wait to see how you might end up using these.

  3. Robbie - your doodleart hearts are excellent! You are a master doodler, without a doubt.

    I love your art walk idea. I hope you get the chance to do it. My girlfriends and I did it in our area and it was great.


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