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Sunday, July 18, 2010

End of week - beginning of another

First, this is a picture of my BFF who moved out west two years ago. This was the day, Lynn was leaving (along with Flat Stanley and Lynn's two cats). And the picture below is what I rec'd in the mail on Friday!!! Isn't this just a beautiful stone!!! I have the perfect silver necklace to put it on and can't wait to wear it! So a HUGE thank you my dear friend, Lynn. Miss you LOTS!!!!!!

I had a comment from Karen over at A Creative Kick about why I was using Tyvek and what kind of paints I was using on my 'birds'. I wanted to use the tyvek because in my head I wanted to burn some of the areas of the birds..don't ask why because I haven't a clue! It was just in my head!! Which doesn't always equate to a good art piece!
I've done about four art quilts using tyvek and 'burning' of the latest is my Hokusai I did for the Inspired by the Masters challenge last summer. You can see the process I used on this piece here and some other Tyvek pieces here. This is my finished wave piece.

As far as paints, I use Setacolor, Jacquard and Liquitex soft body paints. I don't dilute them - just use straight from the bottle. I really like the Liquitex soft body mainly because there are so many colors to choose from. I normally purchase these when we're in Florida with my 50% coupons! Seems like my friend and I are at Michael's every week and of course they 'give' you the coupon so you come back! Sometimes I even mix the different paints and they work just fine.
The Tyvek I'm using is actually Tyvek fabric that I purchase through This Tyvek is not as stiff as the mailing envelopes we use and it actually has a right and wrong side. Think I posted on this last week! I traced on the wrong can still paint or burn either side but I like the way the paint is absorbed on the right side!
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hope that explains my process, Karen (click on my links above to see the process for the wave - that might help as well).
Off to work on my birds now!


  1. Well that explains it. I will take a look at your links later. You are still brave to burn your paintings;-)

  2. I looked at the links -- I love your tyvek stuff -- like Jan says, you're pretty brave. Those are great pieces. I have always used used envelopes, because they're softer and have more interesting patterning after heating than "fresh" envelopes. Unfortunately, there is a limited supply. I'll have to get out the Tyvek and play again, soon. Thanks.


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