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Friday, July 23, 2010

Guerrilla Art

My Guerrilla Art Piece
Last night was our CCC fiber meeting and Mary was on for the monthly technique. And what a fun, relaxing technique it was! Guerrilla Art! Mary said she read an email sent out by Cloth Paper Scissors on making guerrilla art. Basically, you make a piece of art then leave it somewhere for someone to keep or pass on! There was also an article in CPS (which I didn't read!) on Guerrilla Art (July/Aug issue) but I think the links on the CPS web site give you a better idea. You can read about them here and you can see a video click here.
Mary gave each of us a piece of card stock to use as our substrate and then she brought TONS of media for us to play with!! Threads, paints, stamps, tissue papers, you name it and she had it for us to use.
So here are some of the other pieces the ladies made. This was Mary's piece.
Marty's art work - she made two!
Karen working on her balloon (check out her beaded ring her BFF (me!) made for her!
Joyce's art work (she made two pieces also!)

Carol's lady! Well, it started out as a lady!

Joyce's 2nd piece

So we're each going to leave our art work somewhere. We'll write on the back that 'you've found a piece of art work and it's yours to keep or pass on'. What fun!! And such a great idea. I don't think I've ever made something so quickly without thinking about the design for months and months (ok, slight exaggeration but in some cases it's true!).
So read the article and pass it on! Surely has to make us feel good! Now if we could just put a GPS device on the art work to see where it ends up!


  1. what a fun thing to do! by the looks of what everyone did, it must have been a real good time!

  2. Looks like everyone had a fun time making art! There are going to be some pleasantly surprised people out there who find these! I tend to take little rocks and paint on them, usually a heart, and then I leave them somewhere to be found. I didn't realize I was a guerrilla.

  3. Your little work with the butterfly attracts me much and I saw the ring before reading your text and thought oh this is one of your peyote rings.
    I just read Jans comment, this is also a nice guerrilla idea! I take my inspiration home from your blog.

  4. I like this idea, too! Seems like you could have so much fun with it!!

  5. There's a flickr page called Free Art Fridays and you can post your images there if you leave wort out on Fridays :)

    It's a worldwide movement and seems to be getting stronger. There is something freeing and wonderful about putting art out there :) Have fun, the work is really beautiful.


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