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Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Date Night

Last night was date night with the grand kids. what a blast we had! After a GREAT pizza dinner (THANKS, KIDS!) from Guido's we played some games from the TV show 'Minute to Win it'. I went out online and found some we could play. We had a timer set to a minute and kids had to keep their balloons up in the air for a minute. We started out with two balloons but they got a little frustrated so we backed down to one. It was a hoot to watch them. And yes, that is The Cake Boss on the TV in the background. We watched on and off the entire night episodes of this show! I've only seen bites and pieces but it was actually interesting...except for all the screaming..I couldn't handle that part!
Kids were really getting the hang of this. We also tried keeping the feather in the air but wow, that was really hard. I ended up on the floor blowing on the dumb feather - and no, there aren't any pics of me doing that!
So while Nick was still working away at the balloon in the air routine, Amber wanted to play 'beauty shop'...oh my gosh..we've been playing this since she was a month old (ok, slight exaggeration but it seems like we've done this forever!). Yes, I'm usually the first guinea pig..Nick didn't realize what Amber was doing to me and when he walked in the room he had this shocked look on his face and said "grandma you look like a baby"..then he started laughing so hard he fell on the floor. I took these pics myself by holding the camera out in front of me. Hence, not great photo's but you'll get the drift of what I looked like!
Amber didn't want me to post pics of her! I said if I can post them of me, you're going to be in them too! I feel like Pebbles or Bam Bam!
So Nick got in the act next by doing his sister's hair!
Yea, she was really excited about the new 'do'.
Our skateboard king! He's really getting good at this!!
OK, so next was, "Grandma, let do make overs"..where do these kids get this from! hmmmmm not me! he he he
This was Nick putting makeup on Amber. I had to direct him as to what to do but he was really getting into it.
End result was pretty good..although, she's pretty enough without all this goop on her!
So we wanted to do something special for Nick too, so I had Amber get some shaving cream from her dad's drawer and we gave Nick a shave!
Actually, we used the back of my comb to shave him. Looks like he's enjoying this part of his makeover!
So now on to grandma!! This video is of Amber putting makeup on me. Nick said all I needed was a red nose and I'd look like a clown! All in all we had just a great time!

I brought with me the book, Blue Bead, written by Kate Boyan. We all sat on Nick's bed and I read this story to them. They loved hearing the story and seeing all the pictures of Kate's beautiful beading. Nick said it must have taken her two days to do all the beading. I said more like 2 months for each picture! Amber thought it cost her at least a thousand dollars for all the beads. I didn't comment on that! Kate does some beautiful beading and her latest piece, a beaded wolf bag, is just outstanding! Check out her blog.
All in all we had a great night! So much fun hanging out with the little ones. Now to plan for the next 'date night'! Grandma is going to run out of ideas soon!

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  1. OMG!!!!
    I cannot let DH see this post because of your TV!!! I am fighting the idea of a *new* one.....use it up till it wears out, and it is close.
    Looks like everyone had a BALL!
    What a fun post!!!



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