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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Winner, winner..chicken dinner?

OK, not really a "winner" or am I having a chicken dinner!  But I did receive this bundle in the mail yesterday!  Several months ago Benartex launched their new emagazine called Modern By the Yard.  They had a promotion that I entered and received these 8 fat quarters.  Nice, right!

It's actually a pretty neat magazine and because you can download it, there isn't any space taken up by yet another magazine!

There are lots of modern quilt patterns and some great I need more inspiration!  I can't complete or even start on some of the 'inspired' ideas that are in my head!

I have been attempting some hand stitching.  As long as I wear the wrist wrap and position my left hand just right, I'm stitching!  I may attempt some machine quilting later this week or weekend.

So other than EXTREME fatigue...ugh...hate that word and it's wrists are at a 5!  Woohoo!  I stopped the Aleve as something is making me feel so fatigued...yes, RA will do that as well but this 'fatigue' is different. I looked up side effects of Aleve and, although, it's unusual it is a side effect!  Who knew!  I've taken aspirin, Excedrin and Advil and never felt this, because the pain is there whether I take Aleve or not, I'm stopping take that RA!!!


  1. Nice selection of fabrics- I like the Fossil Ferns line. You're right- who knew that about Aleve? Hope something else will give you relief as needed.

  2. Lovely win. I'm still battling with my left wrist. I hate the limitation. Terry has Terrible RA that has effected his whole body, particularly his feet, hands and left elbow and spine which is causing his migraines. He's suffered like this since '76. I have been really tired since I injured my hand and wrist. I truly believe that the injury caused it. I think all my energy is rushing to that area to heal it. Hope the Aleve was the cause of your fatigue.
    xx, Carol

  3. I hope you get your energy back after stopping the Aleve. Who knew?!

  4. Robbie Dear I am so sorry you are still battling your wrist issues with RA. Side effects are real and miserable and should not add to not feeling well or up to par. Congratulations on your fabric will be able to use them soon I hope. Healing Enery My Friend...