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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello Home!

Well, we arrived safely around 12:30 Monday afternoon and, as always, hit the ground running! Car is totally unloaded; suitcases unpacked and ALL clothes put away.  All that is left are Bob's golf clubs/etc and my art/sewing supplies to be put in their place!  That won't happen for me until the weekend...not sure when Bob will get to it either.  At least, the house looks like we never left!
After all the clothes were hung, I started some laundry, well actually dog blankets!  I'll do our bedding and clothes tomorrow, after I bath the dogs!

I also ran to the grocery store for staples and stopped to pick up a pizza!  I will need a WalMart run mid week but for today that's it!

Even the dogs are back to their normal routine of having their toys all over the living room floor!
They haven't stopped playing, running from room to room or looking out the windows!  I think they are happy to be home too.  BUT they are going to miss their golf cart ride when Bob gets home from golfing!  So will I!  And of course, we'll miss our friends!!!!
I am looking forward to seeing the kids this weekend...but right now I am ready for a bath and bed!


  1. I showed Terry this pic when you posted on FB. He said "Only a pet lover would understand" as he looked at our living room with two BIG dog beds and Lots Of Bones. Probably some dog hair too, lol.

  2. Oh my, they must have gotten out every toy they "missed" while away. Glad you are home safe and sound. You sure do hit the ground running!

  3. Welcome home ...your lucky little furry guys have it made!....wonder if they realize that!