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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Preparing for another departure!

This coming weekend is Kayla's (our grand daughter's) bridal shower taking place in Indiana!   Bob is staying home with the girls while Diane (Bob's daughter), Mary Jane (Bob's ex)  and I head off for a girl's weekend!!  We're leaving Friday a.m. and will have about 7 hours of travel to a hotel then we'll head to Bob's son's house for dinner and the shower is on Saturday, at a winery!  Woohoo!  Then we return home on Sunday!

I'm thinking my weekend will go smoother than Bob's!  HA  Good for him to bond with the girls!

The wedding is 4 weeks away!  Yikes!  Seems like they were just engaged and now the wedding date is almost here!!!
Kayla and Nate are a great couple and I'm sure the shower will be loads of fun for us girls!  It will be nice to see everyone and relax!  Guess I'll have to go on a dog walk without a dog!  Although, Diane, will also be dog less!  She has 2 dogs...perhaps we'll end up walking each other!


  1. Interesting and heartwarming family dynamics…….how wonderful to see everyone coming together for this happy occassion!

  2. Hey!! Go have a great time. Bob is going to love taking care of those girls!!


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