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Friday, May 20, 2016

In between stitching...

So instead of stitching on Thursday I decided to do some spring cleaning in the sewing studio!  I started with the fabric closet...should have taken a before pic....

I normally just keep all my fabrics in bins, by color, regardless of their size...well, smaller scraps are put in bins at the bottom of the closet.  Yea, I know there are 3 bins there!  That's a lot of scraps!!  HA

 I decided to 'fish' out all the different yardage or 1/2 yard pieces and keep separate or out of the bins.
Seems to work so much better.  At least now if I'm looking for larger pieces or yardage I can see them quickly!  The bottom shelf shows folded yardage and there's some in the middle on the shelf above as well.  Bins now only contain scraps or less than 1/2 yard pieces.  So much better!!

I also cleaned out the 3 drawers of  one dresser too.  

The top drawer contains projects I'm working on at the current time.

Currently, that's my leaf pieces and hexies!

The 2nd drawer contains some UFO's, which aren't many...just some practise pieces or projects that I'd like to do sometime in the future.  The last drawer contains quilted pieces or quilts that I've cut apart.  I use these for scrap bags or fiber cards.

Next up is another dresser on the other wall that I keep my beading and other texture supplies.  They're pretty well organized so I won't have much to clean up there.  Books in the middle area are ones I use often...but there is an area next to my machine that I want to reorganize.  That will keep me busy for a day I'm sure.

Weather has been beautiful the past few days.  High 60's and expected to be in the mid to high 70's through next week.  Love this open...fresh air!!!  Just makes you want to work!


  1. Your post was so timely. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I could spend several upcoming days since I probably won’t be sewing as I recover from cataract surgery. My various stacks of fabric have becoming unmanagable. My closet is a MESS!! There’s not enough room for all the fabric… I still have about 10 large UPSP boxes of batiks and Asian fabrics on the floor under sewing and cutting tables…..not to mention stacks of felted wool falling over here and there. The trouble is….I have no where to put them…..even considered purchasing a cabinet or ??? but have no more room for that either. Maybe, if I just tidy them up, I’ll find I have more space than I currently think!!!

  2. Oh my gosh- we are always looking for ways to tame the chaos in the sewing room! I think your new system will work better because you won't have to dig through so much fabric to find your larger pieces. Very tidy!

  3. It's such a good feeling to clean out and organize and see what to toss and what to it!

  4. I am sew happy to be able to visit once again. I love seeing your creative spaces and how you are well organized. I admit I have a lot of areas that could use some serious editing and organizing. Embracing Creative Bliss on this Serene Sunday...


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