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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another Special Mother's Day!

Once again my daughter and her niece put on a wonderful brunch for all of us! There was so much food and it was all delicious!!    Amber loves helping her auntie prepare this meal.  And they do make a lot of food!  We're hoping she'll still assist when she's all grown up and out of the house!  I'm feeling she will!  She wouldn't miss this!

I love having this time with all the kids together!  These pics were after eating so we are all stuffed and just chillin!  No pics of grandma!  HA...I stay behind the camera!

I love all the wall colors in Dawn's house!!  So 'her'!  Love my kids!  And when we arrive at the house to see the kids for the 1st time since returning from Florida, I especially love my Amber running out of the house to meet and hug me!  It brings tears to my eyes each year!

And to boot...look at all the clothes Dawn and Kris bought me for Mother's Day!  Do you think they are tired of my black and beige outfits!  And I even got earrings and two of which Nick picked out for me!   He does know his grandma well!  Love those kids!   And a water infuser and Key Lime bread mix added to the pack by Dawn!

And they all fit!  But the big surprise is they all look great with my beige pants!  HA  Yes, Bob and I are both known for wearing a lot of beige and black!
Bob and I are just chilling this afternoon!  I watched the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Horse event on TV...loved that and now we're watching the Tiger's play...what more could a mom ask for!  Hope everyone had a great mother's day as well!

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  1. Happy mothers day. We all went on a picnic and had a blast!