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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The bird has landed!

This girl has always been at the house in Florida!  But the past few years I thought she was looking rather you can see in the next picture!

She's hidden in between the rose bush!    I think I'm going to name her 'Grace' in memory of our Gracie!!  I hope Larry and Jan like the new 'Grace'!!  It's hard to see but she does have some 'highlights'!  A girl has to you know...we love our highlights!!

Before picture!  Can you find her???

I have been doing some sewing too!  OK, not that much...but trying to finish some fiber cards for birthday's in April and May!  The month of May is really, really busy for me so I need to get some things finished ahead of schedule!
I had a small strip of hand dyed fabric I did several, several years ago.  I didn't want to cover the fabric with applique or 'stuff' so I just did some free motion feathers and edged with variegated thread.  Two down and four more to go!

On Friday, we  picked up Gracie's remains.  Jan, Marcia and I went to Ocala for lunch and picked her up on the way home.  And, yes, we had a great lunch downtown and did some walking...of course, a stop at Your Heart's Desire was a necessity, as well as a piece of cake and cookie for some of us!!

I  was lucky the vet saved the band Grace had on her foot.  Wild caught birds had to be banded when brought into the country  (around the early 1990s, they stopped importing wild caught birds-now they hide them in their underwear!  Don't ask!).

Grace was wild caught but for some reason I never looked closely at her band.  Now that I have the band, I found a web site on 'bird legbands' and started some research!  So far I found that Grace was imported to Florida!   I guess it was only fitting that she passed away here in Florida too.......


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm always amazed how exotic animals come into this country. We have animal swaps around here that are advertised word of mouth and always out in the county somewhere off the beaten path.

Grace had a good life and was dearly loved. I'm glad you have her band and wonderful memories.

Createology said...

Lovely highlights! Gracie will always be with you in your heart and soul. Your fiber cards are gorgeous!