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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pet Peeve

OK, so we all have pet peeves, right?  Trust me, before I go any further, I know that I am not that perfect at grammar, punctuation and spelling (heaven only knows those who read my FB posts will second that!) BUT....when folks use some of these words incorrectly, it drives me nuts....for example.....

Using THERE instead of THEIR or THEY'RE; TO instead of TOO, YOUR instead of YOU'RE...Whew...I feel better now that I got that off my back!!  Don't ask what brought this on...just bugs me.
Now back to more important items.....I finished up my 12" square blocks for a challenge that's due in October. One of the lady's in our group has already sent her block to us (thanks, Gayle!!)'s a really, really nice block!  I love it!!  BUT I can't show it until we receive all of the blocks.  Nor can I  post mine until I send them out!  Which will be later this week. I have to print out the labels today and attach to each block.
 In between time, I have been busy...we had a power outage a week ago for almost 27 hours.  UGH...I don't even want to think about it.  Guess we were lucky compared to some who were out for several days.  I did get lots of hand work finished as well as reading a book!

This past weekend Alice and I attended a baby shower for our bud Patty's grand daughter, Lauren.  Patty passed away a few years ago so Alice and I were there in her place.
Patty at the birth of her first grand daughter

Alice ad I having fun, as always!
Bottom left is Lauren, mother-to-be

This is Lisa (blue dress), Patty's daughter

The shower was wonderful and Lisa out did herself in all the preparations.  Check out the napkins.

 It was a perfect day and I'm glad Alice and I were there.  I know Patty would have been proud of Lisa and her grand daughters...and if she would have been there, the three of us would have been laughing  most of the day, in addition to running to the ladies room to have a swig of vodka!  You would  had to have known Patty.  When I had my back surgery, she brought a bottle of vodka into my hospital room and we had a drink!  Yep!!  But I slept well that night!  

I did miss another of Nick's football games on Saturday but hopefully I'll make it up to him the next two weeks!   So off to make my labels for the blocks.  Bob's golfing but the day isn't that great.  A tad on the cool side and windy.  But we're due for some 60 and sunny weather coming later this week!  My kind of weather!!


  1. How nice you could be there for the shower. Those napkins are over the top! So cute. My pet peeve- packaging. I can never get in, there's usually too much of it, and it defeats me every time. There, now I feel better, to. (ha- Just seeing if you are paying attention to the incorrect use of to)

  2. As a former editor, I share your (not you're) pet peeve!

  3. Nice pics of a good time. Aren't baby showers fun! Those napkins are perfection. I have never seen anything like them before.

  4. I totally agree with your pet peeve as it is also one of mine! Power is so taken for granted...until we have none. Blessings on the new baby and family. Thankfully you and Alice helped carry on the traditions. Beautifully sweet napkins. Creative Bliss too you...aargh