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Friday, September 26, 2014

Yours, Mine and Ours!

No, I'm not talking about kids...I have so many 'little' quilts in my quilt stash.  Some are blocks I made as samples for future projects and some are actual blocks that are part of a block challenge I received from others.
So instead of them just laying in my quilt cabinet where I can't see them, I decided to put small D rings on the corners and put them in a book!  I made a larger 'book' of some quilt squares (18"x18") a few years ago (you can see the front cover here) so now I have a smaller 'book' of 12" squares!

It was such a nice day out today so I sat out on the deck and sewed on D rings!!

 I attached D-Ring's to each side of the squares.

I happened to have on hand these large rings with a closure. Worked at each end to hold the 'book' together!

You can see the larger rings on the left side. This allows the 'book' to open.

This was my 12" block I made last year for Tommy's block exchange

This is Tommy's block...see the back of my quilt on the left and Tommy's quilt on the right.  I think I put his quilt  in sideways!!!

Gayle's block fro last year.

This is a sample block I made in 2007...I was playing around with Tyvek (that's the red areas) and of course some beading...suppose to represent underwater and coral.

This was a piece I did in's weaving larger strips and some couching of threads.

I dye painted this bird in 2004 then hand appliqued it to the background fabric.   This is a simple block but I've always been fond of it.

This was my first attempt at using oil pastels and freezer paper back in 2002.  I ended up teaching quite a few classes on this technique.  I'll still use oil pastels from time to time.

I am usually so good about dating all my work but I can't find a date on the back of this square.  I cut the ends off just so it wouldn't be square.

I was really happy with my free motion work on this piece...which was a hand dyed, screen printed piece.  I was also playing around with circles (using the 'tack' method on your throat plate, which worked pretty good!).

This was my piece for this year's 12" block challenge. I posted the other blocks I made on my blog here.

And this is Gayle's (Kush) 12" block from this year!  Now I can't wait to add the other two blocks when I get them in October!

They'll have a good place to 'rest' in my quilt book!!  Bob thinks I should keep all my blocks separate from the others but I don't have many from other folks, except the five from last year and I'll have 3 from this year...guess I could..maybe...

Today was Nick's 11th BD!  Tomorrow is his football game and Sunday is his party with family.  Can't wait for Nick to 'work' for his gift!!  Should be fun...I hope!!!  I'm making Nick go on a scavenger hunt to get his present from grandpa and me!  I love being grandma!


  1. Robbie this is such a great idea and way to enjoy every quilt block. I love the mix of yours and others. The variety is refreshing. Happy Birthday Nick and I know you will have so much fun! Creative Quilt Book Bliss...

  2. This is a great idea! I have a bunch of journal quilts that have been stored in Zip-loc bags that I might put together like this.

  3. I just love books... and one with all this gorgeous color and technique is just the best! Great idea.

  4. Good idea! I'm going to hang mine once I get my hall way painted.


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