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Monday, September 22, 2014

12" challenge

I'm in another challenge with three others (Gayle, MaryAnn and Tommy) where we create 12" square blocks to exchange.  They can be the same, different, whatever...we did this last year (you can see last year's here).

This is Gayle's that I received this past week!  Isn't it cool!!!  She used silk dupioni for the little squares and I love her quilting!!!   It is really a cool piece!!

I love block from Gayle!!!  BTW....I have so many 12" blocks from this exchange, last year and just some that I've made as practice pieces for larger quilts, that I am putting in a 'book' using D rings on the edges.  I did this a few years ago with larger blocks (check out posts here and here to get an idea).  Anyway, I digress!!!

Here are my finished blocks I put in the mail today!  Each block is a hand dyed piece of fabric that I stamped (using one I made from cardboard and foam), then hand stitching and of course some bead work!

closeup of beading

Blocks are similar as far as fabric and beads used but different stitch patterns.  Some blocks I stitched with brighter orange or darker blue embroidery threads (3 strands).

This next piece was the first one I did and I'll keep it.  I wanted each of the ladies to a have the same color fabric because I couldn't decide what color to send to they all got the same color!

You can see the stamping better in this piece, as the background is lighter.

Our blocks aren't due until the middle of October so I'll be anxious to share the other two!!

Rib is feeling better...unless, of course, you move wrong!  Which seems to be often!  UGH...I do keep an ace bandage wrap on most of the time, which seems to help (as long as I don't wrap too tightly).  Such a dumb thing but I am starting on my Bonevia and I've been taking my calcium, D3 and other vitamins.  It won't repair the damage but will help my bones from becoming like a 100 year old vs an 80-90 year old!

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  1. Oh Robbie I am so sorry to hear of your rib being cracked. That is very painful. I broke, bent and displaced my #9 floating rib and it still isn't healed correctly after two years next month. I am catching up (as always I fear) and your work is stunning. I love your snap bags and your 12 x 12 quilts. Each project you create is above and beyond special. The time and effort you put into all you make is amazing. Healing Energy Dear...


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