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Friday, September 19, 2014

Snap Bags

I still have to finish the binding on two of my 12" inch challenge blocks, which I'll do tonight watching TV...but I  had a 14" square piece that I used as a practice block.  So, what to do with it!  Snap bag time!  I needed a few bags to have for gifts so this quilted piece worked great!

1st bag, back

1st bag front
 I love using my snap bag, which holds my coupons and stays in my purse.  Of course, then I think everyone wants a snap bag!  HA

These are handy little buggers...and they wash up nice!
2nd bag back

2nd bag front

These are so easy to make.  I started out with a square piece that I cut into 7" x 14" lengths.  You can make any size!

Of course you have to add beading to your piece!!!

Next up I cut/fused backing to cover up the stitching so it won't get caught on coupons/papers or your fingers as you put items in the bag.

I also kept the backing 1/4" from the side seams.  There's too much bulk to sew and turn.

Next I cut fabric for the sleeve for inserting a piece metal tape.  You need to steel one your hubby's  tool shed!  But don't use tape that is over 1/2-3/4" wide.  Depending on the size of your tape you need at least 1 1/2" - 2" strip of fabric.

Sew the strip right sides together to the backing first, then press 1/4" on the unsewn side.  Fold over to the right side of the bag and stitch.  I like to use a 12 wt or decorative thread for this part.

Next up you'll cut a piece of metal tape at least 1" smaller than your bag width.  You need to make sure the tape is inside the seam line or else you end up sewing over metal...which isn't good!
Also, round your edges of the metal tape measure and cover with a piece of masking or scotch tape.  This will prevent it from poking through the sleeve as you use it.

Slip your metal tape into the the number side of the tape facing inside.  This is different from how I was told to first make them (Thanks, Galye!) but it works so much better this way.  Really does 'snap'!

I have made all different sizes using left over scraps from quilts.  You can see a smaller size on my post here.  

Oh, just had a call from the Dr. and I have a cracked rib!  Go figure!  And all I did was pick up a dog that weighs less then Kalle!  I actually did this two weeks ago but finally got to see the Dr. today....oh well...these old bones are quite brittle but who knew how brittle!  No more running around the bases with grand kids.  But my grandson did tell me I could still pitch!  Go figure!  Off to get some Advil or more wine!  Lots better than Oxyi!


  1. I love my snap bag !!! Thank YOU ! Ouch ! A cracked rib from picking up a piece of fluff ??? Feel better soon !

  2. Cute bag and thanks for the tips for making them. Hope you heal quickly and you and Kalee can make "rounds".. She'll be a hit!

  3. Hey Robbie...thank you for the tutorial.....I always wondered how snap bags were made....had no idea you could use a tape measure.

    Sorry about the rib....ouch!

  4. I just bought a pattern for a purse using the snap closure. Thanks for all the tips you gave.

    Sorry about your rib...what the Heck...go for the wine!
    xx, Carol


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