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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monochromatic Challenge

 I can finally post my finished my piece for the Art Quilters Around the World blog challenge.  I finished it the end of August but I was not able to post until now!

This did turn out to be a fun piece to do...even though I'm not found of working only with one color.  Just to make something different, I thought I'd use the technique shared by Laura Kemshall (DesignMatters TV).

I started off with a piece of hand dyed lime green fabric, which I free motion can see somewhat of a plant/floral design in the quilting.   Look hard!  It's there...ha  I also use a darker shade of green so it will stand out.

Next, I took a gallery canvas (from JoAnn's) and painted Gesso over the entire front. This is just a you'll see later on the process.  Let the Gesso dry then we're onto the next step!

Now, cut to size your quilted piece keeping in mind you need to keep at least an inch border of the canvas.  You need this space to be able to sew through to the other side to attach your quilt.

Glue the cut quilted piece onto the canvas and then stitch through the edges to attach.  I used 12wt Sulky thread to attach, just because that was the color of green I wanted.

Next up, and this can be the scary part!! take acrylic paint and using a brayer, roll paint over the entire quilted piece...even onto your sewn edge thread.
Once your piece is dry then the real fun start paiinting in areas with the original color of your piece.  In my case, the original piece was more of a dark lime green.  I just happened to have on hand some lime paint.  I actually love this's very relaxing to just paint!!

You can see the part(s) that I'm now painting.

Next, I want some of the leaves to fall onto the canvas so I take a pencil and draw the placement I want.  This does take some time and I find myself erasing a lot until I get what I want.

If you find your pencil marks are  causing some dark spots, just paint over those areas with Gesso.  And...if you find your painted marks aren't excact you can use Gesso to cover your painted area or to  clean up an area.  Gotta love Gesso!!!

Just another picture of the edge...actually, this picture should be turned!  This is the lower left edge on my piece!

So that's the process...that's my challenge piece!!!  I do love attaching pieces of quilts to canvas.

I have made several of these and enjoy the are a few more that I've made.
This was for a fiber group challenge.  

This was a wedding gift for my great niece.
It was a picture I traced from
her wedding invitation.

This was the very first one I did.  Lots of fun!!!

Hope you get to try this!  It quite a lot of fun...scary at times...but can always start over!!!


Lynda said...


Absolutely love this!!

Karen S said...

This is wonderful! I will have to try it.

Ineke said...

Absolutely lovely and very nice color.
I did this once and it is a bit scary.

The Inside Stori said...

BRILLIANT.....hummm......I think you may be seeing the Fiber Junkies trying their hand at this neat technique!

Createology said...

I am shades of envy green with your talents and beautiful Challenge Piece. What a wonderful way to play and try new techniques that cross over several mediums. Creative Monochromatic Bliss Dear...

Nancy said...

This is wonderful!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Very cool!