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Friday, March 14, 2014

Staying home?? Maybe!

First, some progress on my leaf...working on the right side of the leaf now.   It was so beautiful out today I just had to sit out in the lanai and bead for awhile before dinner.

Well, I semi stayed home the past two days!  Kalee and I ran up to the Publix shopping plaza earlier today then walked around the complex (she likes to get out of the house!).   I did some quick grocery shopping.. then back home to do some sewing!

I finished all the hand stitching on my challenge piece  (can't show it until March 31st!) and added the binding on it.  Here's a sneak peak at the stitching.

 I'll sew the binding down tonight while watching TV.  After I finished making and sewing on the binding, I started quilting Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I cut panels from the fabric I purchased and on Wed. I sandwiched one of the panels to prepare for quilting.  My intent was to get all six panels sandwiched was so hard on the old knees getting up and down from the floor I only sandwiched one panel.

The floor is the only space big enough to sandwich the panels....anyway, I'm about 90% finished with the quilting on one panel!  Woohoo!  I'll try to get another panel ready for quilting this weekend.
Here's a look at some of the quilting and the panel I'm working on.

Hard to see the quilting on this panel but it's there!!!  I have the 2nd gray t-shirt and the last block to quilt.  Not the most exciting part of making this quilt!  Other than I enjoy looking at each of the T-shirts!!

So that's my progress for staying home a day or two!!  I'll be gone again Saturday and/or Sunday, then Monday is our annual St. Patrick's Day party at our gracious hosts the LaPlante's!!  It's always fun getting together with everyone!

On Tuesday, I'm headed south to stay with my sister for a few days.  She's in the process of buying a new home and I'm going to help her pack up!!  Should be fun...just being with my sister is enjoyable!!


  1. Wow....all your projects continue to look daughting to me!! You go girl!

  2. You've made great progress on the t-shirt quilt! It will certainly be a special one. I'm a "floor worker" too, and it's easy to get down there, but back up? No. The weather has been spectacular hasn't it?

  3. You sure must have a stronger neck and arms than me! I did one t-shirt quilt with QAYG and that was enough for me. My quilter doesn't charge that much for them so off they go!

  4. Staying busy is keeping you young my dear. I am amazed at all you do manage to accomplish sewing and beading and quilting with all your social commitments. Enjoy visiting and helping your sister...